Using Metal For Aesthetics In Contemporary Garden Structures

Contemporary garden design can add so many beneficial elements to a public park, corporate building and even your own home. Adding a structural feature to a garden can make the space more relaxing and enjoyable to spend time in.


Traditionally, garden structures such as pergolas, arbours and trellises have been constructed predominantly from timber. They tend to be overly solid and focus more on functionality and practicality than they do on design.


Modern garden structures however can easily incorporate design and aesthetics without giving up any functionality. Classic garden structures are being re-imagined in metal, or timber and metal combined, for a contemporary look that lasts for many decades. A modern, metal structure in a garden can create an exquisite space, elevate plants and completely change the mood of the garden.


Some beautiful examples of contemporary garden design can be seen in the Foley Rest Park in Sydney, and the Slowakei Pergola and MFO, both in Switzerland.


The Slowakei Pergola is a residential project that was designed to bring increased convenience, practicality and usability to the garden. The simple lines of the structure provide privacy, shade and a framework for climbing plants to make their home and soften the structure.


The Foley Rest Park and MFO are both public spaces that provide an ideal refuge and sanctuary from the noise and busyness of the city. The simple design of these structures allows the climbing vegetation to be perfectly supported and to create a vertical garden so that the space is used as efficiently as possible.


Whilst plants hide many of the cables and wires used in the design, what remains as visible is still aesthetically stunning. The steel used in the construction requires virtually no maintenance and will never rust or deteriorate.


Modern garden structures don’t need to be enormous either. Something as simple as a balcony screen mounted to custom made planter boxes provides a perfect privacy screen whist adding a contemporary touch to the small space.


No matter how small or large your garden is and the purpose it’s used for, adding some modern metal elements can absolutely transform the mood of the space. See more examples to whet your appetite on our Instagram page. Or you can contact us here.


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