That Vision Thing – Working With A Tensile Structure

Executing large scale, innovative, wire mesh projects within budget and on time isn’t for amateurs.

Many people ask us how we do it, and we’re proud to say that our success is due to a collaborative attitude and a deep understanding of our products and their applications. We’re all about innovation, and we revel in the challenge of a new and exciting project.

When you work with a tensile structure specialist like Tensile, you’ll quickly see how we can take your vision, plan the design and structural options and turn your visions into a reality.

The uniqueness of our products

The products and parts that make up our designs and structures are not necessarily new. Wire cables and mesh products have been around for a long time. But it’s what we do with them that makes us unique in the industry.

We use cables, rods and tensioned mesh in a way that provides distinctive and customised architectural solutions. We have expert knowledge on the specifications, applications and installation requirements of our products, so we can come up with ideas that are new to market, innovative and fresh.

One company from start to finish

As a provider of “turn-key” solutions, one of the main advantages of working with Tensile is that we take care of your project from concept to completion. This method of all-inclusive project management enables us to foresee any potential problems and deal with them before they arise.

Rather than passing the issue onto the next person in the chain, we solve it. There is no miscommunication, no oversights and no hassle for our clients not knowing whom to contact.

Examples of our vision

“Tensile’s upfront thinking was a lot a better, planned and they programmed the work. They could foresee the challenges and came up with solutions to solve them. And the implementation of the concepts into a formal construction design and install went very smoothly. And it put a lot less stress on the principal contractor carrying out the construction works.” – FDC Construction & Fitout Pty Ltd.

Other projects such as One Central Park, the Albert Tibby Cotter Bridge, The Melbourne School of Design and the Elizabeth Quay Bridge all show the results of these collaborative and forward thinking qualities.

By working with Tensile Design and Construct, you will appreciate the way our components and our people integrate with your project to become a whole solution.

We are a one-stop-shop for design, development and installation of intricate wire mesh solutions, and are always willing to accept the challenges that come with complex projects.

If you are looking for some new design ideas for your next project, please feel free to contact us here.

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