Sleek Vertical Balustrades Shine at Monash Learning Hubs

Tensile has played a part in the construction of the new Monash University Learning and Teaching Building in Clayton Victoria. Partnering with John Wardle Architects, our brief for the
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Tensile Creates Facade for Randwick Racecourse Car Park

We’re backing our skills and experience in webnet installation in the redevelopment of the Royal Randwick Racecourse in Sydney. Part of the redevelopment is the construction of a three-level
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webnet mesh

The Role of Webnet For Safety in Playground Design

Playgrounds are important places in our communities, giving kids space to run around and let off steam, and helping fire their imaginations at the same time. In fact, as
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green infrastructure, creating a greener future

Creating a Greener Future for Your Community

Green infrastructure projects such as green facades and vertical gardens can go a long way towards improving our towns and cities, making them not only more beautiful but also
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successful green solution

What are the Key Parameters of a Successful Green Solution?

Creating and implementing a successful green solution for a client requires balancing what the client wants (both now and in the longer-term) with what is affordable, possible and manageable.
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maintenance plan for a green facade

The Importance of a Maintenance Plan for a Green Facade

In any facade project, installation of the structure and plants is only the first step. Ongoing maintenance of your green structure is required to get the most out of
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green facade structure

What is the Best Support for Your Green Facade Structure?

While some climbing plants will cling directly to a wall surface, in a multi-storey building, a support structure is usually required to withstand wind and movement pressures and for
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green infrastructure

Understanding Site Characteristics for Green Infrastructure

Every green infrastructure project is unique, and will require an expert and bespoke solution. This means a full analysis of both client expectations and the site’s characteristics will be
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cost of installing a green facade

The Real Cost of Installing a Green Facade

There is a lot more to costing a green facade than the structure, substrate and plants. A major consideration is getting the green structure in place on the building
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green facade on heritage buildings

Design Considerations for Green Facades on Heritage Buildings

Designing a green facade for a heritage building can be a much more complex job than usual. For a start, an older building’s set of drawings may be inaccurate
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