How Green Infrastructure Can Contribute to Biodiversity / Tensile Design & Construct

How Green Infrastructure Can Contribute to Biodiversity

One of the great things about green infrastructure is that it’s all about the creation of ‘living’ structures. Living green structures have the capacity to absorb pollution, cool and
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Can Green Facades Improve Air Quality and Wellbeing? / Tensile Design & Construction

Can Green Facades Improve Air Quality and Wellbeing?

Who doesn’t love a beautiful garden? It’s well documented that green spaces can contribute a lot to our health and wellbeing. Studies by Texas A&M University, for example, show
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Catenary Lighting

Tensile’s Catenary Lighting System Livens Up Barangaroo

Tensile was recently involved in the transformation of Scotch Row in Sydney’s harbour-side Barangaroo precinct into an attractive and vibrant hub for locals, workers and visitors to relax, unwind
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Tensile Helping Transform Redman Plaza into a Vibrant Space

Last year, Tensile was invited to undertake design and construction of a webnet mesh green structure for the Redman Plaza revitalisation project at Dee Why, on Sydney’s northern beaches.
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tensile facade constructions

Tensile Facade Constructions: Project Update for 2017

Tensile has had the privilege of being involved in some great revitalisation projects this year. Two facade constructions of note in Sydney are the Randwick Racecourse car park and
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cable components of green facades

Cable components of Green Facades

The cable used in green facades is constructed from multiple strands of wire, with each strand containing several wires. At Tensile, we use a range of sizes and configurations
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green facade hybrids

The Latest Infrastructure Trends: Green Facade Hybrids

Green infrastructure is evolving all the time, and one of the latest trends is an installation known as a green facade hybrid. Green facade hybrids are a combination of
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installing a green façade

6 Considerations for Installing a Green Facade

Installing a green facade involves a lot of considerations before the construction even starts. There are plans to be drawn up and approved, costs to calculate, materials to source,
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Steel Wire

What You Need to Know About Steel Wire for Green Facades

To be a better material Tensile uses a range of stainless steel wire rope products for green facades and other applications. Stainless steel is considered than plastic or timber,
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Sleek Vertical Balustrades Shine at Monash Learning Hubs

Tensile has played a part in the construction of the new Monash University Learning and Teaching Building in Clayton Victoria. Partnering with John Wardle Architects, our brief for the
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