Redefining Building Exteriors with Unique Facade Designs

Cutting-edge facade designs do more than simply add a layer of extra material to a building’s exterior. Rather, they can transform and redefine a building in new and unique ways.

We have worked on many projects where facades not only make the building more aesthetically pleasing, but also improve comfort, privacy, and in some cases, safety. Stainless steel tensile facades can even lead to cost savings if done the right way.

Building transformations through innovative facades

The stainless steel mesh ‘veil’ on the outside of the 12-storey ‘Two24’ building in Canberra demonstrates how a facade can transform a building’s exterior.

As part of the building’s renovation, the clients wanted a giant mesh facade curtain installed over the outside of the podium. The aim of this unique facade was to make a bold statement to the street, as well as to add shading and increase privacy

The finished facade is certainly very striking – take a look here!

The new Bendigo Law Courts building also has a stunning external metal facade. It features a copper artwork by an indigenous artist that depicts a soaring wedge-tail eagle. The copper panels used for the artwork are supported by stainless steel 8mm wire-rope cables.

It was important to the clients that the facade had a lightweight, crisp appearance, and so we worked on getting the tiniest of details just right. Check out the finished facade here.

Redefining Building Exteriors with Unique Facade Designs / Tensile Design & Construct

Carpark makeovers through decorated facade designs

Multi-level carparks normally tend to be on the mundane side. But facade designs can even transform these structures, making them more efficient as well as visually appealing.

We find stainless steel Webnet mesh to be very versatile for carpark facades. It can support artistic pieces and greenery, its transparency improves natural cooling and airflow, and its quick-installation saves on labour costs. It also enhances safety when used to create a fall-protection barriers.

Here are several examples:

  • Randwick racecourse – this five-level carpark has a Webnet mesh external facade that supports a series of decorative metal discs. The mesh meets safety codes for fall protection, while the discs add an artistic element that make the carpark more visually pleasing.
  • Andvanx East apartments – it was important to the clients that the above-ground carpark for these Rushcutters Bay apartments looked good. The solution was to cover the carpark with a mesh facade that supports colourful discs as well as climbing plants to help cool the structure. The mesh also reduced costs in preventing the need for the additional steel posts that were initially planned.
  • Liverpool Hospital – the Webnet screen on this carpark acts as a support for artistic embellishments that represent the region’s cultural history. The finished carpark has been described as an “uplifting place” – not something you would normally expect to hear when discussing these highly functional structures!
  • Thomas Street Dandenong – Webnet was used to create the fall protection screen on the outside of this carpark. This saved costs by avoiding the need for expensive structural modifications and air-exchange systems. And since it was installed within weeks, the screen helped keep labour costs low.

Working with clients to develop facade designs that redefine building exteriors is something we relish at Tensile. Get in touch to find out more!

Redefining Building Exteriors with Unique Facade Designs / Tensile Design & Construct

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