Randwick Racecourse Car Park Facade


At Tensile, we’re very proud of the role we played in the Australian Turf Club’s award-winning car park at Royal Randwick Racecourse.

The multi-deck car park was designed by Fitzpatrick & Partners and built by AW Edwards. As well as spaces for 580 vehicles, it provides pedestrian access to other parts of the racecourse via stairs and lifts contained inside ‘pod’ structures.

Our role in the project was to design, supply and install 3,000m2 of 1.5mm thick, 100mm aperture webnet mesh, to provide necessary safety and fall protection for the car park and the pedestrian pods.

We also collaborated with Shapeshift on the installation of 5,500 decorative yellow discs that add an artistic look to the car park facade.

Webnet mesh: cost-effective and quick to install

One of the main benefits of using webnet mesh for safety and fall protection is the speed and cost-efficiency of the process. For example, it only took three weeks to install the mesh, the perimeter cables and the associated fixings at the car park.

This project also demonstrates that safety mesh need not be functional alone, but can be made attractive through the addition of decorative elements. In this case, the discs add a bright and almost playful theme.

The versatility of webnet mesh

Webnet mesh is extremely strong while also being very versatile. Its flexibility lends itself to all kinds of projects that require fall protection. This includes climbing structures in children’s playgrounds, bridges and walkways as well as car parks.

It is also a very long-lasting and low-maintenance material, making it cost-effective and viable for projects that require durability without the need for constant intervention.

Another feature of the mesh is that it enables the fixture of planter boxes to create a green facade. This approach has been used in other car park projects, including the Sydney Super Yacht Centre.

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