Tensile Helps Create the Hanging Gardens of Vance Apartments

Harold Park, Sydney

There is something magical about a hanging garden, cascading down the side of a wall or building. This is why we were more than happy to contribute to the beautiful hanging gardens created at Vance apartments, in Sydney’s Harold Park.

Vance is situated only a couple of kilometres from the CBD, on the edge of parklands. The 200-plus apartments that make up Vance were a collaboration of Mirvac, PTW Architects and Sydney Design Collective landscape architects.

Our role in the project

Our brief was to contribute to over 540m2 of green facade through the design, supply and installation of structural supports for Fytogreen’s planter boxes.

This involved installing a series of 6mm stainless-steel cables, all wrapped in webnet mesh, with the entire support structure finished in black. Planter boxes are suspended off the northern elevation of the building using the cables as support.

The finished product comprises a series of four hanging gardens where the plants spill out over nine levels. Two of the gardens cantilever 4m off the building and the other two cantilever 2m.

Fytogreen has designed the plant system for minimal watering. The use of large pots also helps ensure the health and longevity of the plants. Naturally some maintenance will be necessary, so access to the gardens has been built into the steel structure via a rope system.

The cables and webnet mesh have very low maintenance requirements and should last as long as the gardens themselves.

The hanging gardens add privacy without spoiling the view

The beauty of hanging gardens of this kind is that they increase privacy and shade for residents – something often overlooked in modern apartment builds. They also do without impeding the great views.

The use of an engineered stainless-steel cable and mesh system supplies the strength needed, without overshadowing the plants as the star of the show.

The project beautifully demonstrates what we can offer at Tensile. We look forward to helping create yet more hanging gardens like this in the future.

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