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We bring your design to life

At Tensile Design & Construct, we don’t just supply and install what’s needed for your project. If you’re looking to build a custom designed tensile architecture project, our team of engineers and designers can work with you to create your signature design. We’ll offer you our expert advice, provide material samples and discuss design options with you.

Consultancy designs

Our tensile architecture consultancy service is a global service available wherever you are in the world. We offer you a full design and engineering package that looks at:

Design – we blend creativity with technology to produce your tensile structure, and we’ll help you choose the best tensile system for your needs. Our engineers will collaborate with your consultants to create your perfect design and bring it to life.

Structural analysis – our consultants and engineers have the technical expertise to work out how cables, rods and bars will behave and interact within any tensile architecture installation. We’ll give you practical advice regarding your project so you know what will and won’t work.

Estimates, planning and scheduling – we’ll work with you to come up with a workable plan that fits your time frame, budget and planning requirements.

Method statements – we’ll develop accurate method statements for every project to make sure the tensioning equipment performs safely and efficiently, and we’ll advise you on the appropriate tensioning equipment needed for your project.

Management and coordination – we’ll manage and oversee your project development from the initial design to the completed build on-site. We’ll collaborate with our engineers, builders, suppliers, as well as you and your consultants, to ensure your project moves forward without a hitch.

Site supervision and installation – we’ll supervise and manage the installation of your tension system and maintain an active role in your project from start to finish.

Tensile Design & Construct are committed to providing you with an exceptional consultancy service that lets you design, plan and build your ultimate tensile architecture project. Our quality, safety and efficiency make us the ideal tensile construction team to partner with.

To find out more about our specialised consultancy services, please call 02 9999 3668, or send a message via our contact page.

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