Free eBook Green Facades Explained: From Benefits to Installation

A well designed and engineered green facade provides a multitude of benefits for buildings.

An increasing number of builders, architects and developers are incorporating green facades into projects across Australia.

Green facades and other types of green infrastructure are growing in popularity in Australia. We are seeing significant growth in the number of installations representing an increase of more than 300%. This demonstrates how green facades have been having more of an impact in Australia.

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What's inside:

This eBook is designed to provide an overview of the benefits of green facades, what’s involved in the building process and some of the key considerations for installation.

In this eBook, you’ll learn about:

  • What is a green facade?
  • Why going green can be beneficial
  • Design considerations for building a green facade
  • The practicalities of installation
  • Case Study – One Central Park
  • The future of green facades in Australia
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