The Incredible Wellness Benefits of Green Space

When you find yourself walking through a typical city environment, there is usually an abundance of concrete, bricks and mortar. The colours and materials are grey, dull, cold and lifeless, and those feelings tend to be reflected in our mood as we walk along.

As building design evolves, architects and building designers are taking into account more than just the aesthetics and the structural needs of a building. More and more, they are incorporating natural elements into building design that changes the way we feel when we see it.

Research from the University of Melbourne shows that, Humans have evolved in the larger context of the natural environment, and our brains have developed in such a way that it responds to our surroundings. When our ancestors were hunter-gatherers, they created dwellings that were perfectly integrated into their natural surroundings.”

Over the last century, we shifted away from these natural dwellings and introduced urbanisation and industrialisation into our building designs. It’s only in recent years that we have become aware of the negative mental impact this is having on us.

This has seen a move back towards integrating natural elements into our buildings, and we’re seeing a huge rise in the number of “green spaces” being included in modern architectural design. Studies have shown that people are more relaxed and have better mental clarity when they are exposed to natural landscapes.

The trend is referred to as Biophilic Design, and it has many advantages. These include an increase in productivity and creativity, improved learning rates, an increased calm and relaxed mood and lower rates of sickness.

Having access to a green space is easier than you might think. It could be as simple as creating a green wall of climbers on your office building and making use of space by making a cost-effective vertical garden.

If you’re considering a green space for your commercial building, speak to our design experts to discuss your needs.

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