Creating happy trails with customised mesh solutions

customised mesh solutions

When you’re wandering through one of the many beautiful and pristine parks our capital cities have to offer, it would be easy to miss the fact that several of these parks and bridges have customised mesh solutions integrated as part of the design.

Outdoor recreational parks such as the Foley Rest Park in Sydney and MFO in Switzerland have a very unique look and feel because of the mesh that has been used within the structures. The mesh and wire components in these parks provide a climbing frame for plants, shade for the users of the park and a tranquil, secluded atmosphere.

Likewise, when mesh is incorporated into the building of bridges such as the Albert ‘Tibby’ Cotter Bridge in Sydney and the Elizabeth Quay Bridge in Perth, there is an amalgamation of aesthetics, practicality and safety. Here, the mesh provides essential safety protection, without compromising the beauty of the natural surroundings. The transparency and lightness of the mesh is a juxtaposition between strength and longevity.

This is what Webnet mesh brings to a project that cannot be achieved with any other product. It is lightweight, exceedingly strong, flexible and lasts for an incredibly long time.

Customised mesh solutions such as Webnet mesh help in many ways. The dynamic form of the mesh is more akin to a piece of fabric than a safety barrier, and it allows a freedom in design and geometry not found in other materials typically used. Despite the wire diameters being a mere 1.5mm – 2mm, they are able to take loads of up to 3kN and beyond.

Another important feature is the lack of maintenance required to keep the mesh looking good and to retain its strength qualities. This is due to the 316-grade stainless steel that the mesh is made from, and is a major benefit when the mesh is used in public spaces.

This kind of steel has an additional benefit of being available in a range of colour choices, with the ability for logos, corporate colours and marketing customisation to be incorporated into the design.  It makes for a very cost effective way to jazz up a building exterior, event or outdoor area.

Tensile is here to assist with your customised mesh needs and can provide design and engineering advice, as well as certification. We’re also happy to look after the installation of your project and make the process straightforward for you.  Feel free to connect with us here for your next project.


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