Custom Configurations – The Advantages Of Using Webnet Mesh

Webnet Mesh is an incredibly versatile product, and has many advantages when used for architectural projects. The unique ability to adapt the mesh to any form makes it the ideal substrate for custom configurations.

No other product on the market possesses quite the multifunctional qualities and durability that can be seen in Webnet Mesh. Made from stainless steel wire rope, this tensile mesh can be laced to a support structure to create railings, used as a substrate for plant climbers, or even in bridges for fall protection.

The key advantages of using Webnet Mesh

  • Webnet is incredibly flexible, and has the ability to easily integrate into any design or architectural project.
  • The netting is made from high quality, rust resistant stainless steel, providing remarkable strength and durability properties.
  • It provides the ultimate combination of design and aesthetics with a robust, functional purpose.
  • The netting can be painted any colour you like, so can be camouflaged to blend in, painted in corporate colours or have logos and text added, or can be highlighted for maximum visibility.
  • WebnetID provides further variation in the form of aluminium and stainless steel infill plates that can be placed in any arrangement and made in any colour.
  • Webnet frames can be easily installed, and have the additional option of either square or round tubes. These come laced and ready for installation, allowing for hundreds of metres of mesh to be installed in just one day.

A perfect example of the Webnet mesh in action is The High Line in New York. The project involved transforming an out of service elevated train line into a public park. In this instance, Jakob’s Webnet was used in the railings and railing fillings to create a timeless design that was economical, sustainable and maintenance free.

The possibilities for customisation using Webnet Mesh are almost endless. To find out more about integrating Webnet Mesh into your next architectural project, call our team on 02 9999 3668 or contact us here.

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