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Who would have thought that steel and greenery were so compatible?

If you’ve never seen our incredible Webnet solutions in action, you’re in for a treat. The clean lines, malleability and durability of the metal in our Webnet Mesh provide the perfect amount of support for classic garden design. The Webnet range is suitable for trellis applications and works perfectly with anything from small domestic projects to large-scale commercial developments.

Why Webnet is an ideal substrate for gardens

The Webnet range has a stack of features that make it perfect for greenery, climbers and green facades.

For a start, the common wire and thread size provides maximum flexibility. Whilst most sheets of metal mesh have wires designed with a standard 90-degree pitch, the diamonds in the Webnet mesh are set to a 60-degree pitch. This works better with climbing plants and allows the climbers to achieve a natural radial growth without the need for constant intervention and maintenance.

The mesh is also incredibly lightweight yet strong at the same time, being made from grade 316 stainless steel (which will last as long as the structure of the building). This is an important feature to consider when you’re designing a green facade and have to take the weight of the substrate into account. Despite being lightweight, the strength of the mesh allows you to span large distances and support a large amount of weight.

Aesthetically, you will find the Webnet mesh to be almost invisible, since the size of the cables used is a mere 1.5mm is diameter. The aperture openings can also be varied to suit the desired appearance and the species of climber used in the greenery. We recommend 60-120 for tendrils and 120-200 for twiners.

The combination of strength, suppleness and lightness provides you with ultimate freedom when it comes to shape and form. It is easy to create 3D structures in almost any design imaginable. With such flexibility in its application, it can even be retrofitted.

Whether you’re looking for an option that’s easy to assemble, or a custom made design for a large scale, our Webnet solutions will allow you to bring your green garden ideas to life. Speak with us today to discuss your options.

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