Webnet Mesh for Outdoor Barriers and Fencing

Stainless steel Webnet mesh has unique qualities that make it an excellent choice of material for commercial outdoor barriers and fencing.

Webnet is highly robust and strong, while simultaneously being flexible, malleable, and highly customisable. It also has a light and translucent appearance.

Being made from marine-grade stainless steel makes Webnet corrosion-resistant and suitable for many types of outdoor projects – including those situated close to the sea.

Webnet’s outstanding qualities

At first glance, Webnet might appear much like any other mesh material – such as Chainlink for example. But here’s how it differs – and excels.

  • Excellent longevity and durability – lasting up to 25 years for outdoor projects. This compares well to Chainlink (one year) and Weldmesh (10 years).
  • Low maintenance needs – which reduces ongoing costs. This compares favourably to Chainlink which, while having a low initial cost, has high maintenance requirements.
  • Webnet is made from 70% recycled material.
  • Excellent span and sheet size – no other fencing material compares to Webnet in this regard. Webnet can accommodate very large spans, with minimal support required.
  • Customisation capacity – also excellent, especially in comparison to most other metal mesh materials. Colour, aperture size and shape, and the wire rope dimensions are all customisable.

Webnet is fire-resistant, quick to install, and can be made non-climbable and visually complementary to the structure. Many of the material’s features help to save on the costs and time required for installation and repairs.

Uses of Webnet for outdoor barriers and fencing


Webnet has been used as a barrier material for many pedestrian and cyclist bridges in Australia. One example is the Bridge of Remembrance in Hobart – a steel bridge with a unique sculptural twisting plane form.

We used 40mm-aperture Webnet to create the translucent barrier that complements the design, while simultaneously preventing falls and climbing.

Public museums and gardens

The flexibility of Webnet makes it a great choice of fencing material for meandering gardens. This includes at the Sydney Modern – the new extension to the Art Gallery of NSW. In this installation, the barrier weaves its way through the terraced gardens – a feature made possible only by Webnet’s malleable nature and ability to adapt to any geometry.

Webnet was also used to great effect at the NSW Bundanon Art Museum and Bridge. 80mm barriers were installed along the walkways and outdoor spaces, meeting safety requirements, while allowing for clear views of the spectacular scenery.

Webnet can make excellent barriers for elevated gardens, such as SkyPark in Melbourne. The safety fencing surrounding the garden doubles as a trellis for native climbing plants – adding a welcome shading and cooling effect in the summer and creating a stunning dappled light effect.

Webnet Mesh for Outdoor Barriers and Fencing / Tensile Design & Construct

Multi-deck carparks

The advantage of Webnet for carparks is that it provides a transparent barrier that is quick and easy to install while meeting all safety requirements. At the Thomas Street Dandenong carpark for example, the barrier was installed within three weeks and helped to avoid the need for costly structural changes.

Carpark barriers can also be made attractive by adding greenery such as climbing plants or planter boxes, or by attaching artistic features, as at the Liverpool Hospital carpark.

Webnet Mesh for Outdoor Barriers and Fencing / Tensile Design & Construct


This is another area where Webnet shines. Kids’ playground climbing equipment is often rather quirky in shape and needs a safe and robust barrier that doesn’t hamper free play. It’s also important that the barrier allows parents or guardians to be able to see where their children are.

Webnet is ideal for this because of its malleability and transparency. It was used very effectively to create the open-air safety barriers for the unique Inglis Park and Ian Potter playgrounds in Sydney.

Please call us if you have any questions about Webnet for outdoor barriers and fencing!

Webnet Mesh for Outdoor Barriers and Fencing / Tensile Design & Construct

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