Webnet Frames for Safety Done Smartly

Retrofitting Webnet frames on existing structures

Webnet frames can be retrofitted to existing structures, providing a solution when a need for additional safety is identified after construction.

That was the case at the Northern Beaches Hospital in Sydney. The building had two existing seven-storey atriums partially enclosed by decorative glass walls. However, the hospital found that the atriums needed to be fully enclosed to prevent falls and maximise safety.

The atriums were stunning, which made it crucial to come up with a barrier solution that would complement them. The hospital wanted the barriers to look like they were always meant to be there rather than added-on. So, the goal was to seamlessly integrate full enclosures that appear as an original part of the atriums’ design.

Key considerations in this initiative included minimising operational interruptions to the busy hospital setting and preserving the natural light and airflow that contribute to the atriums’ inviting atmosphere.

Webnet frames were chosen as the best solution, due to their translucent appearance and ease of installation.

Any kind of heavy or cumbersome barrier would block the light and mar the beautiful features of the atriums. But using unobtrusive Webnet frames allowed the existing design features and natural light to shine through.

We attached oval-shaped Webnet ID plates to the barriers, to mirror the artwork on the glass walls. Now it’s as if the patterning on the glass continues upwards along the mesh in a very natural way.

Webnet Frames for Safety Done Smartly / Tensile Design & Construction

The Webnet frames were largely put together off-site, which minimised disruptions to the hospital’s operations and prevented mess. It also sped up installation – which ended up taking only a few months from the design phase to completion.

Benefits of Webnet frames

  • Longevity – the stainless steel used in Webnet frames is marine-grade and non-corrosive, enabling installations that can last for decades.
  • Modularity – Webnet frames allow for a modular approach, ideal to meet complex project requirements.
  • Faster installations – the mesh pieces can be mounted on their frames offsite, which helps speed up installation.
  • Reduced disruptions – pre-mounting helps reduce or prevent interruptions to public use of the structure (footbridges over busy highways for example).
  • Customisation – Webnet frames can be customised in terms of mesh aperture sizes and shapes, colour, frame dimensions, mesh attachment methods and more.
  • Transparency – one of the great benefits of Webnet is its light thin profile, which allows for barriers that facilitate natural light and airflow.

Do you have an existing structure that requires a retrofit barrier to maximise safety while being complementary to your design? Call us to find out how we can help!

Webnet Frames for Safety Done Smartly / Tensile Design & Construction

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