Webnet as a Barrier: 4 Situational Uses in Public Spaces

Webnet mesh is made from 316-grade stainless steel, making it an extremely strong and weather-resistant material. At the same time, the mesh has a light and translucent appearance that belies its strength.

This means there can be many situational uses for Webnet as barriers in public spaces. Here are four examples of where webnet can be used as a barrier as well as the many additional benefits it provides.

1. As Fall Protection

Pedestrian and rail bridges:

Webnet frames with pre-assembled mesh infills are ideal for pedestrian bridge barriers. They offer fast installation and are durable and maintenance free.

Examples include the Brooker Avenue Bridge in Hobart and the Elizabeth Quay footbridge in Perth. In both of these projects, the mesh material has been customised and adapted to bridge design – contributing towards aesthetics as well as safety.

Framed Webnet mesh has also been installed along the length of the Eastern Distributor light rail bridge in Sydney. This bridge also acts as a pedestrian walkway. When it comes to bridges such as this, Webnet’s adaptability allows it to be modified to adhere to rail codes, for example by having smaller aperture sizes.


Webnet mesh material has been utilised in the Melbourne School of Design at Melbourne University. In this case, more than 1,200sqm of stainless steel mesh covers the five-storey atrium of the building. The mesh is non-climbable and also allows for excellent airflow and entry of light.

The mesh provides a discreet protective and supportive structure for balustrades and barriers, whilst providing an elegant spatial design element.


Webnet as barriers in carparks can provide a quick-to-install fall protection solution that meets all safety codes. It can also be used to support planter boxes where desired – as in the case of Sydney Super Yacht Centre in Glebe, where 100mm mesh meets safety standards and allows enough space for climbing plant growth.

Webnet mesh was also used for fall protection on the Thomas Street carpark in Dandenong. In this case, the mesh offered a quicker and less costly solution than the structural modifications that would otherwise have been required to meet building codes.

Webnet as Barrier: 4 Situational Uses in Public Spaces / Tensile Design & Construct

Kids play spaces:

The malleability of Webnet mesh can make it ideal for safety barriers in playgrounds. Play equipment is rarely uniform or built in straight lines, and the pliability of Webnet means it can conform to the odd shapes and designs that are often found in kids’ playgrounds.

2. In Sporting Venues

In sports and games venues, Webnet mesh can provide a flexible, pliable and near-invisible barrier. At the Dee Why PCYC in Sydney for example, 160mm aperture mesh was installed as a ball screen for the basketball courts.

Webnet mesh also makes excellent nets and ball catchers that absorb ball movements and noise while being maintenance free and light in appearance.

Webnet as Barrier: 4 Situational Uses in Public Spaces / Tensile Design & Construct

3. For Security/Separation of spaces

Webnet may suit some situations where spaces need to be separated within a building, either for security/entry-prevention purposes or as room dividers.

A domestic example of this is Acute House in Albert Park – where 100mm wire mesh has been used to separate some internal spaces.

Webnet as Barrier: 4 Situational Uses in Public Spaces / Tensile Design & Construct

4. For Durable Fencing

Webnet can also be used for fencing of outdoor spaces, as longer-lasting alternative to galvanised steel Chainlink. While Chainlink offers a cheaper solution, it has several disadvantages compared to Webnet – including high maintenance needs, poorer strength and durability and a less attractive appearance and finish.

Webnet comes in a range of aperture-opening sizes. It offers excellent durability, robustness, strength and longevity. It also has very low maintenance and cleaning requirements, can easily be customised for each project and is very quick to install.

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