Webnet Frames for Pedestrian Bridges

Webnet frames with mesh infills allow for a modular, easy-to-install method of creating safety barriers on pedestrian bridges or other types of constructions. The frames and mesh are pre-assembled according to specifications, which means that once on site, they only need to be set into place.

Like all the Jakob products we use, webnet frames are made from 316-grade stainless steel. This ensures they are durable, robust and weather-resistant with little or no maintenance required.

The frames consist of hollow circular or square sections that can be custom-made to suit the bridge. They can also be infilled with webnet mesh with a choice of aperture opening sizes, wire sizes and wire rope configurations. And like the mesh itself, the frames can also be coloured to suit the project.

Using webnet frames and mesh can be ideal where safety barriers are required as it can speed up the installation process. It also offers a very flexible approach. The customised frames and mesh can contribute to the aesthetics of the project in terms of colour, geometric shape, and even decorative features.

Case examples of webnet frames

1. Brooker Avenue Bridge, Hobart

This new bridge in Hobart provides a link between the city centre and the Glebe residential area and Queens Domain recreational precinct.

It features steel girder construction and provides a clear span of 60m over Brooker Avenue, creating a safer means of access for walkers and cyclists.

Webnet mesh on frames have been installed along the span of the bridge to provide fall protection, while contributing to the curved design.

As well as referring to its safety features, the City of Hobart describes the bridge as creating a “striking architectural entry point to the city”.

Webnet Frames for Pedestrian Bridges / Tensile Design & Construct

2. Elizabeth Quay footbridge, Perth

This waterfront bridge shows how a modular approach using steel frames and mesh can contribute to architectural design.

The bridge forms an S-curve over the water and features a transparent balustrade formed from 50mm webnet mesh, sized into panels and pieced together. This gives an appearance of continuity across the bridge. The modular approach used on this project enabled the work to be completed ahead of schedule.

3. Eastern Distributor light rail and pedestrian bridge, Sydney

This bridge crosses the busy Eastern Distributor near Moore Park and forms part of Sydney’s light rail project. As well as being a light rail bridge, it is also used as a footbridge crossing for pedestrians.

Pre-assembled rectangular webnet frames with mesh infill have been put into place to form the safety barriers for fall protection and to meet the required safety codes.

If you would like to discuss the use of webnet frames and mesh for your next project, get in touch with our team.

Webnet Frames for Pedestrian Bridges / Tensile Design & Construct

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