Why Webnet Mesh is so Effective for Children’s Playgrounds

When it comes to playgrounds, we want kids to be able to freely run, jump, climb and explore, developing a healthy body and learning new skills in the process. But it’s equally important that they stay safe while doing so.

This is where webnet mesh really comes into its own, because it’s such a durable, adaptable and versatile material.

It’s ‘light’ appearance can provide a tough safety net for play equipment, without interfering with the design elements of the structure.

The advantages of webnet mesh for play areas

  • The mesh is made from 316-grade stainless steel wire, in a range of wire sizes.
  • A range of aperture sizes is available, from 20mm to 400mm, which can also be formed into customised shapes.
  • Despite the material’s transparent appearance, it is extremely strong and robust, able to withstand the weight of large crowds.
  • The mesh is a very low-maintenance material, resisting fraying and corrosion.

How webnet is used in playgrounds

Webnet mesh can be used in children’s playgrounds in a variety of ways:

  • Draped or wrapped around play structures of all shapes and sizes (for example climbing towers) thanks to its malleable fabric-like nature.
  • Formed into customised panels for safety barriers on window-like openings in equipment.
  • Used to section one area off from another, or to prevent climbing on structures not designed for climbing.
  • Used to create fall protection nets underneath play equipment.

Why Webnet Mesh is so Effective for Children’s Playgrounds / Tensile Design & Construct

Examples of applications

At Tensile, we’ve used webnet mesh in a number of playground projects, including the award-winning Bungarribee Park in Sydney.

  • Ian Potter Wild Play Garden – for this playground, 40mm webnet mesh was wrapped around the climbable ‘eel skeleton’ tower to provide fall protection, without interfering with the structure’s unique and fun design.
  • Wulaba Park Playground – in this project, very small aperture mesh was used to wrap the climbing tower and platform, without detracting from the colourful design of the structure.
  • Bungarribee Park – More than 95 customised webnet mesh panels were created to provide fall protection across the play tower viewing areas.

If you have a children’s playground project in mind that could benefit from the versatility of webnet mesh, get in touch to find out more.

Why Webnet Mesh is so Effective for Children’s Playgrounds / Tensile Design & Construct

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