Use of Webnet Stainless Steel Mesh in Industrial Architecture

When it comes to materials for inspirational modern industrial and commercial architecture, Jakob Webnet stainless steel mesh offers a unique combination of practical robustness and design freedom.

This is down to its unusual blend of characteristics – strength, span, longevity and low-maintenance requirements combined with malleability, lightness and transparency.

So, while the practical features of Webnet ensure safety and security, its aesthetic qualities make it adaptable to all kinds of designs and lend a lightweight elegance to architectural projects.

Here are some classic examples.

Webnet stainless steel mesh for elegant barriers and facades

→ Staircases

Jakob Webnet is ideal for creating light and unobtrusive staircase balustrades that facilitate natural-light entry – as in this schoolhouse in Vienna and this residential complex in Lausanne. The mesh is also highly adaptable to the twists and turns of spiral staircases, such as the one Tensile installed at the RFW children’s charity building in Sydney.

→ Bridges

Webnet mesh barriers offer safe passage across pedestrian bridges while looking elegant, as in the case of this ramp and footbridge in France. The mesh can also be ideal for anti-throw screens for bridges that don’t adhere to straight lines. An example is our Lachlan Line footbridge project in Sydney, with its unique sculptural forms.

→ Carpark facades

Stainless steel mesh can create lightweight transparent barriers and facades for carparks – such as at this Park & Ride carpark in France. The carpark, situated in the historic town of Vertou, has been clad in over 6,000 sqm of Webnet mesh. The mesh creates a facade that offers security and safety combined with a sense of visual lightness.

Use of Webnet Stainless Steel Mesh in Industrial Architecture / Tensile Design & Construct

Other Tensile stainless steel mesh projects

Tensile has been involved in many other creative and unique local projects requiring the use of stainless-steel mesh. Here’s a sample.

→ Skypark @ Melbourne Quarter

The Webnet mesh screen surrounding Melbourne’s Skypark fulfills a dual role – that of safety and security while acting as a trellis support for native climbing plants. The result is an elevated lush vertical garden that offers shading, dappled light, views, and a beautiful restful environment.

→ Inglis Park Playground, Randwick

Webnet can offer a great solution where a kids’ playground needs a safety barrier that doesn’t intrude into the space or hamper free play.

An example is the multi award-winning playground at Sydney’s Inglis Park. The designers utilised the old horse sales ring from the area’s equine days as a base for the suspended play structure. we used 40mm-aperture Webnet to create a transparent safety barrier that adapts to the geometric shapes of the various structures.

→ Two24 Office Tower, Canberra              

The brief here was to create curtain-like mesh privacy screens for a Canberra office tower podium. The material used in this case was German-manufactured Alphalink made from interlinked 12mm-diameter stainless steel rings. The mesh screens drape across the glazed facade much like two pieces of sheer fabric, adding privacy and elegance to the design.

It’s important to note that all Webnet is not created equal. It can be customised to suit the project in terms of aperture size and shape, wire rope diameter, colour, sleeves and other features. And in addition to the above types of projects it can be used for zoo enclosures, elevated walkways, green and artistic facades and sports facilities.

To find out more about the design possibilities for Webnet, please contact us.

Use of Webnet Stainless Steel Mesh in Industrial Architecture / Tensile Design & Construct

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