The six key elements to a Tensile design

The three fundamental components to design are:

  • Investigation
  • Integration
  • Installation

Let’s take a deeper dive into that and see how a Tensile Design stands out.


The first key element to a Tensile design is that initial point of contact with a client. When we receive an enquiry, we want our prospective clients to quickly realise we are different to other design and construct companies.

So what makes Tensile different? The feedback we’ve received, and we know it from industry experience, is there are no smoke-and-mirror style games and keep things from clients. We like being open, explaining our plans and methods clearly and remaining engaged and open with our clients at all times.  We offer real solutions for real people.


The second element to a Tensile design is research or fact finding. We need to understand your brief and concept and know how we can best help you. Our experience means we may see, predict or pick up things that clients may not be aware of or know. Part of our fact finding is looking at the site and making an analysis: looking at sun direction, the view, weather conditions, orientation, noise, access points and so forth. And of course we need to understand what your expectations are, that is fundamental.


The third key element to a great design is proposing a solution to your brief. We strive to offer you an even better solution to the one you first conceived. A key component of this is design: it needs to be a functioning part of the project so with our solutions we always keeps this in mind.




The fourth key element to a Tensile design is further discussion and negotiation. This is where our philosophy comes in to play: we believe that good buildings are created by good communication and collaboration. From experience, we know that a successful building project is one that has these key points:

  • Concepts and goals of the design influencing all stages of decision making;
  • Integration of building systems to achieve efficiency;
  • A measurable positive impact for the client and building users.



With the fifth key element to a Tensile design, we come to the heart of the matter: the delivery of the project.  We know how to build the building and throughout the process having this as the backbone to our business consistently enables us to provide better suggestions and solutions. Of course, we would discuss and outline in full what the delivery of the project entails.


The sixth key element to a Tensile design is looking at the project as a whole and measuring its outcomes, did we achieve what we set out to within the expected time frame? We’d assess the quantitative coverage, costing, performance but also important environmental elements such as  reduce heat urban island effect, green solutions, the qualitative performance, and whether you, the client, have achieved growth rates. Another way we offer real solutions for real people.




“The clean and simple appearance of our systems disguises the inherent complexity in the detail”


Working on creative and inspiring projects is what we excel at.  Check out some of our other projects here.



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