Light Up Your World With a Catenary Light System

Whether you are an architect, developer, design engineer or manager for large building projects, it is a wise move to investigate the ingenuity that catenary lighting systems can add to your project. Often, light poles and other light fixtures can intrude into public spaces, and you have to compromise the ambiance and flow in order to provide adequate lighting. By incorporating the catenary Lighting system into your design, you will add function, versatility and creativity to the area.

Why Is Catenary Lighting Different?

Catenary lighting systems allow you to place poles in discreet areas so that they don’t limit the public space. You can even eliminate the use of poles because the luminaries are strung along almost transparent tensile cables that stretch across the expanse. They can also be connected to nearby buildings, therefore eliminating any poles that detract from your vision. Thus, the lighting visually increases the expanse by avoiding placing barriers in spaces that you need to be well lit but where you don’t want to infringe upon the flow with unnecessary poles. This ensures that you have a lovely spill of light without compromising the integrity of the design.

How Catenary Lighting Changes the Ambiance

Catenary lighting systems add mood and shadows wherever you desire. This allows you to establish a cosy atmosphere that encompasses spatial comfort and artistry at the same time. This type of lighting seems to create function out of previously under-utilized spaces.

Other Benefits of Catenary Lighting Systems

These lighting systems are energy efficient and this saves you money over time. You don’t have to use a powerful beam of light to illuminate areas that you want to highlight. There is less light pollution with the catenary lighting systems because they bring areas into focus without overwhelming beams of light. Less intensity comfortably brings about the perfect light spill.

Proper lighting ensures a safer environment where clients, guests and other individuals can enjoy the public amenity without being subjected to a spotlight effect where it isn’t necessary.

Catenary lighting systems don’t just fill an area with light, they simply coexist within the area to enhance your designs. They light up your world by adding interest, intrigue and beauty to all of the available spaces. Your clients will be awed by the creativity you and your team inspired and your discreet use of the allotted space.

If your next project requires a catenary light system, speak with one of our design specialists here or check out some of our other projects here.

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