Adding a touch of green to Westfield, Warringah Mall

The Westfield Warringah Mall at Brookvale, Sydney, has recently undergone an incredible multi-million dollar transformation that means the residents of the northern beaches no longer have to travel to the CBD for an exceptional shopping experience. The centre is a now a hive of activity that combines food, fashion and entertainment with a modern and luxurious beachside atmosphere.

To create this relaxing and leafy atmosphere, a series of striking green facades were introduced throughout the centre. Tensile was contracted to provide a hybrid green façade to cover 14 individual columns throughout the new extension, each ranging in height from 8m to 14m.

We partnered with Fytogreen, and developed a one-off guide solution, suspending 315 of Fytogreens’ panels from acombination of 4mm and 6mm diameter stainless steel cables. The structural design of our system was created in such a way that Scentre Group, the owners of the shopping centre, saw no interruption to the columns that support the main roof structure.

This solution needed minimal additional requirements, and this allowed us to keep the structural elements simple. The result was a reduction in overall costs and a structure that could be installed quickly, with minimal disruption to the general public. All the panels and cables were installed in less than two weeks.

The plants used in the façade were grown offsite by Fytogreen prior to being re-homed in the facade. The more established and mature plants give the façade a more prominent look, and are more likely to thrive in their new environment. So that we could be sure the correct plant types were chosen, we collaborated with Fytogreen to conduct light studies, plant studies, wind studies and engineering models to ensure success and longevity of the system.

Once the models were installed, they were wrapped in a sheath of Webnet Mesh, which acts as a trellis for the climbing plants that come from the ground and out of some of the modules, to thrive on.

The total area of the green facades at Warringah Mall is 450 square metres, and this type of system could be retrofitted into existing buildings. Overall, the façade creates and amazing jungle-like, hanging garden effect that bring the outside in for a unique shopping experience.

Green facades and solutions are one of our specialties. Check out some of our other projects here.

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