Stainless steel wire – making bridge safety a no-brainer

In the history of bridge safety a modern design discovery was made quite some time ago. Vertical barriers aren’t as effective as side barriers and this is where stainless steel wire comes in – it makes bridge safety a no-brainer.

One of the reasons side barriers work better is that they are less visible, many people just don’t realise they’re there as their appearance is subtle or at the very least unobtrusive.

In the construction of side barriers for bridges, it would be possible to use a mesh design such as Webnet. It’s a versatile stainless steel tensile mesh that provides safety and fall prevention where it’s needed. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, and is commonly used on bridges and walkways, for example, to provide an exceptionally strong barrier.

Webnet mesh is a versatile product. It can be configured to any application, it maximises views and creates a timeless and appealing design. It is easy to assemble, highly durable and requires little to no maintenance.

It has the benefit of being able to be assembled into any size or shape forming a plane surface or tensioned into three-dimensional forms featuring funnel-type, cylindrical, or spherical structures.

It’s UV-and weather-resistant and is a custom-manufactured, premium-quality product very compatible with creative contemporary architecture. It is recommended for flexible, intelligent solutions combined with stainless steel rope, rods, or tubes with appropriate end connectors.

Webnet stainless steel wire rope is ideal for filigreed security structures public safety measures including as a safety net on bridges.

If you are curious to see the aesthetic appeal of stainless steel wire and why it makes bridge safety a no-brainer, check out the work done on the wooden bridge Sachseln-Kerns in Switzerland, the highest bridge of its type in Europe, where Webnet was used as a safety net system. Or the Simone de Beauvoir pedestrian bridge in Paris where you can see the use of Webnet rope mesh aperture. Tensile’s expertise   can demonstrate how stainless steel wire makes bridge safety a no-brainer every time.

If you are looking for ways to make sure your next bridge project complies with safety laws, speak with a design specialist today here.

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