Stainless Steel Mesh Balustrades Enable Views and Airflow

A stainless-steel mesh balustrade can be an excellent solution where a space needs a compliant safety barrier that also facilitates visibility, natural light and ventilation.

Jakob’s Webnet mesh is an ideal material for balustrades, offering strength, transparency and a light, thin profile. It can be customised to suit just about any installation, as it is highly malleable and adaptable.

Let’s look at some of the features of Webnet, and its applications for balustrades.

Webnet mesh features

Some of its features include:

  • Non-corrosiveness – Webnet is made from 316-grade (marine-grade) stainless steel wire rope, making it resistant to rust and the effects of sea-spray.
  • Customisation – in terms of aperture-opening size and shape, wire rope diameter, colour, span, posts, fittings and more.
  • Low-maintenance needs and longevity – a Webnet stainless steel mesh balustrade requires very little in the way of maintenance or cleaning, and can last two decades or more.
  • Useful for indoor or outdoor projects – being robust, non-corrosive, and difficult to break or cut makes the material suitable for both inside and outside environments, and for installations involving large crowds.
  • Non-climbable – by using a smaller aperture size, a Webnet balustrade can be made fully non-climbable.
  • Suits public and private spaces – while Webnet is often used for commercial architectural projects, it can also be used to create balustrades in domestic settings.

Stainless Steel Mesh Balustrades Enable Views and Airflow / Tensile Design & Construct

Stainless steel mesh balustrade applications

Atrium barriers

Webnet is excellent for creating near-transparent barriers and balustrades for multi-storey atriums.

An example is the Melbourne School of Design’s 5-level atrium barrier – made from more than 1200sqm of stainless steel mesh, 4km of support cables, and 750 custom pieces of tubing.

The full-length non-climbable barrier allows for sightlines and ventilation across all the levels and acts as an anti-throw screen.

Glass is a common option for a transparent barrier like this. However, it is more expensive to make a glass atrium barrier non-climbable. Glass barriers lack the airflow capacity of stainless steel mesh. They also tend to attract dirt, which can in turn make them less transparent.

Outdoor balconies and terraces

Balconies and terraces need a balustrade that protects against falls while allowing for views.

The six-level outdoor terraces at Inner-Sydney High School for example have full-length Webnet barriers that allow for maximum entry of natural light through the glazing into the building. The barriers also allow the students to safely enjoy unhindered views across the city.

Residential balustrades for staircases

Stainless steel mesh is sometimes used to create balustrades for staircases where a light-filled and airy interior is the goal.

Examples include Carlton House in Melbourne and Edward Street, North Sydney. In both of these projects it was important that the balustrades did not clutter or darken the small interior spaces.

Commercial stairway balustrades

Webnet can be used to create transparent balustrades in office spaces, such as the IAG building in Sydney.

In this project the client wanted to encourage staff interaction and movement by creating visual connection points between 14 levels. 60mm Webnet was chosen to build the balustrade – stretching across two levels at a time.

Outdoor walkways and viewing platforms

A walkway barrier made from stainless steel mesh ensures safety while enabling views over the natural environment.

For example, the Webnet barrier for the First Cliff Walk at Grindelwald in Switzerland allows users to enjoy a unique breathtaking mountaintop experience in safety.

To find out more about stainless steel mesh balustrades or to discuss a project, please get in touch with our team.

Stainless Steel Mesh Balustrades Enable Views and Airflow / Tensile Design & Construct

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