Sydney CBD

Tensile was proud to collaborate with FDC Building and Hassell Architects on the new fit-out of IAG’s office in Sussex Street, Sydney.

The fit-out of the Darling Park building involved works over 19 levels, including interconnecting stairs, open working spaces, collaboration rooms and new amenities. The project received a ‘best refurbishment’ award from the MBA.

Our role in the project was to design and install the balustrade component on 14 internal staircases. The client wanted the fit-out to create internal connection between levels in order to encourage staff interaction and movement.  So the balustrades had to maximise light and sight lines, and allow for communication – including for the chance of a passing chat on the stairs!

Webnet – an obvious choice to allow for interaction

Since glass is transparent it would often be the go-to material for this type of installation. However, glass would have blocked sound and airflow. Glass is also prone to glare and tends to attract dirt and smudges. This can in turn reduce transparency and result in considerable ongoing cleaning and maintenance costs.

Webnet on the other hand provides transparency while being a low-maintenance material that is also lightweight and quick to install. These features can reduce the costs for barriers without compromising on either function or look.

Due to the requirements for connectivity between levels and a light appearance, 60mm x 1.5mm wire was chosen for the balustrades. The Webnet mesh accommodates the client’s requirements by stretching continuously over two levels at a time. This application is made possible by Webnet’s capacity for large sheet size and spans.

Expert solutions to meet the client’s brief

We also created a unique solution to reduce the amount of framing required. We utilised the framing already required to support the stairs and handrails. This approach helped minimise the visual impact of the balustrades still further.

Using Webnet in this way creates a barrier that has a modern, clean and sharp aesthetic, and that is simultaneously robust and low-maintenance while meeting all safety codes.

Webnet is becoming an increasingly popular barrier material for multi-storey commercial buildings with open spaces that facilitate community and interaction. Webnet becomes an obvious choice for a barrier where the desire is for transparency and expansion of sight and sound. We think the IAG fit-out demonstrates this very well!

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