Edward St

North Sydney

Occasionally we have the opportunity to collaborate on residential projects instead of commercial installations. Edward Street is one such project.

The designers for the home were MPD Architects – a firm that specialises in both contemporary and heritage architecture, placing high emphasis on environmental sustainability.

Our job was to install a balustrade for the interior staircase of the home. Considering the size of the interior, the balustrade needed to be sufficiently open to allow natural light flow, and not clutter the space.

It also needed to be in keeping with the modern industrial style of the residence.

Webnet is the ideal material

We used 60mm Jakob Webnet mesh to create the balustrade. The mesh is made from a combination of 6mm stainless steel cables and some custom fabricated stainless steel tubing.

Having worked on numerous projects requiring a similar light touch, we have found Webnet to be ideal in achieving an open-air effect due to its malleability and translucent appearance.

Despite its lightweight appearance, Webnet is also extremely robust and built to last – very much in keeping with the design of a home such as this one.

Being made from marine-grade stainless steel means that Webnet installations can last for decades.

Up close and personal

The project deviated from the usual for us. Being on a smaller scale meant it was more intimate – all aspects of the installation are on show.

This effect is emphasised by the home’s pared-back aesthetics, and its honest use of materials. Everything is open to view with nothing hidden. Therefore a high level of precision and detailing was required for every aspect of our role in the project – from the materials and engineering to the installation itself.

The finished result

The result is a precise and purposeful installation. The curves in the cable have become a feature that juxtapose the sharp lines, while helping to minimise the support structure needed for the mesh.

We are proud that Tensile’s craftmanship complements and enhances the trades work and the design as a whole!

We appreciate the opportunity to have been involved in such a quality residential project, and look forward to similar roles in the future.

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