Playgrounds to Cliff Tops: The Versatility of Webnet Mesh

Jakob’s Webnet mesh is a very versatile material that lends itself to a wide variety of projects.

While it fulfils a safety and fall-protection role, it can do so without interfering with project design and aesthetics. Being pre-formed, it can also be installed remarkably quickly, and its malleability makes it a very adaptable material.

At Tensile, we’ve been involved in many projects using Jakob’s stainless-steel Webnet. Here are a few examples.

Children’s playgrounds

Playgrounds often consist of structures with asymmetrical or quirky shapes to them. Webnet’s flexibility means it can be used as a wrapping material for climbing structures in children’s playgrounds.

An example is the Ian Potter Wild Play Garden in Sydney. 40mm aperture mesh wraps the “eel skeleton” climbing tower, providing fall protection without impacting the unique design, blocking natural light or impeding views.

Playgrounds to Cliff Tops: The Versatility of Webnet Mesh / Tensile Design & Construct

Mesh balustrades

Webnet can also be used to create great balustrades. An example is Carlton House in Melbourne.

The refurbishment of this typical inner-suburbs Victorian terrace house transformed it into a light-filled contemporary home.

Our brief was to create a near-transparent balustrade for the staircase. In this instance we used 100mm aperture mesh coated in white, to provide the safety element while blending in with the minimalist interior.

Carpark safety

Another application of Webnet is that of quick-installation safety barriers for carparks.

At the Randwick Racecourse carpark for instance, it took only three weeks to install 3,000m2 of 100mm Webnet mesh and fixings to provide the required fall protection. The mesh also acts as a support structure for a decorative facade that adds a point of visual interest to the building.

Playgrounds to Cliff Tops: The Versatility of Webnet Mesh / Tensile Design & Construct

Cliff-top walkways

One of the latest ways Webnet mesh is being used is in cliff-top walkways – such as in the First Cliff Walk by Tissot in Grindelwald, Switzerland.

The Walk consists of elevated walkways that run alongside vertical rock faces, observation platforms and a 40m single-rope suspension bridge. Visitors get to see waterfalls, alpine meadows and 4,000m peaks from high vantage points.

Jakob’s stainless-steel wire rope systems and mesh provide robust fall protection over the entire summit-loop pathway, enabling visitors to enjoy a thrill-seeking and breathtaking experience in safety.

Get in touch if you would like to discuss the use of Jakob Webnet mesh for your next project!

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