How Webnet Wire Mesh Can Improve Car Park Safety

Open-air multistorey car parks need to comply with current building safety codes, especially as there is always the risk of people falling from heights.

This is where Tensile’s webnet wire mesh comes into its own, as it is an ideal material for improving car park safety.

The use of webnet wire mesh for car parks

Being made from 316-grade steel wire, webnet mesh can provide a sturdy yet unobtrusive safety net that doesn’t block the entry of natural light. It can also be used as a support structure for planter boxes or a decorative artistic feature – in turn creating a pleasing aesthetic.

The mesh material has a light and filigree-like appearance, while being extremely strong and robust. It also resists corrosion and fraying, making it very low-maintenance, and is malleable enough to be draped or wrapped around unusual-shaped structures.

How Webnet Wire Mesh Can Improve Car Park Safety / Tensile Design & Construct

Webnet mesh in action for car park safety

In the case of the Thomas Street Dandenong car park in Melbourne, the existing structure needed to be upgraded to comply with current building codes.

Enclosing the car park would have been a complex and costly exercise. So, instead of expensive structural modifications, the decision was made to use webnet wire mesh to ‘wrap’ the car park.

The mesh was installed from the top down and is supported by stainless steel cables. It provides the necessary fall protection and meets building codes while allowing the car park to remain an open-air structure.

Best of all, the car park did not need to be closed during modifications.

Webnet mesh has also been used on the 580-space Randwick Racecourse car park in Sydney. The mesh was installed from the inside out using a small crane from the rooftop. Over 5,000 coloured discs have been attached to provide an unusual and visually appealing feature.

Another example is the marina car park at the Sydney Super Yacht Centre, which also needed upgrading.

In this project, the mesh provides fall protection while acting as a facade to support 92 planter boxes. The plants themselves, grown by Junglefy, beautify the car park while improving air quality.

Get in touch with our team if you have a multistorey car park that needs to be upgraded to meet safety codes, and you need a quick and practical solution!

How Webnet Wire Mesh Can Improve Car Park Safety / Tensile Design & Construct

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