Considerations for Maintaining a Vertical Gardening System

All gardens require ongoing maintenance, and a vertical gardening system is no different. This applies whether it’s a green wall, green facade, or a freestanding trellis or pergola.

As for any garden, typical tasks include pruning, weeding, rubbish removal, checking plant health, applying fertiliser and so on.

Without regular care and maintenance, a vertical gardening system will eventually fail. It could also become very unruly, unsightly and may even turn into a safety hazard for people nearby.

Your maintenance plan should be incorporated and budgeted for at the design stage of your project, and professional contractors engaged for the task.

Developing a maintenance schedule

A maintenance schedule helps to ensure that any potential problems are nipped in the bud! It should also help to prevent problems from occurring again in the future.

Every installation is unique and so each one will have different requirements. However, a typical maintenance plan is likely to involve some or all of the following.

Every few months:

  • Maintain climbing plants to ensure plant density and correct growth.
  • Check plants for signs of disease or pests and treat as required.
  • Apply plant nutrition such as fertiliser.
  • Check for any effects of wind damage (especially important for very tall structures)


  • Inspect support structures such as trellises and cables for signs of damage or detachment, and repair as required.
  • Check and test irrigation systems and ensure drainage is adequate.

Every few years:

  • Replace plants as required, depending on the species and plant condition.
  • Conduct any major repairs on the supporting structure.

Tensile’s stainless-steel products for vertical gardening systems are extremely low-maintenance and are designed to last for many years. This means they reduce the level of maintenance required.

Considerations for Maintaining a Vertical Gardening System / Tensile Design & Construct

Access for vertical garden maintenance

The access method for maintenance will depend on the system itself.

For example, maintenance tasks on the green facade of a very tall building with climbing plants may require the use of work platforms, safety harnesses, scissor lifts or building maintenance units.

At Tensile, we provide 12 months of maintenance following the installation of a vertical garden project. Get in touch for more information, or to discuss a maintenance plan for your vertical gardening system.

Considerations for Maintaining a Vertical Gardening System / Tensile Design & Construct

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