Greening for Commercial Projects – Fytogreen Case Study

Fytogreen originally set up shop back in 2002, manufacturing specially designed roof garden soil. The soil was light weight in order to reduce the impact placed on a building’s support structure. In order to reduce weight installation further, the company also included a watering system, designed to work within the environment. However, as Fytogreen grew, it realised it needed to expand, so it set up a research and development program. Over the years, the company has taken on over 200 successful green wall projects, with Fytogreen working from Australia to New Zealand, California, Singapore and Dubai.

Although the company started with light weight roof garden soil. It is important to note this is very different from the standard topical soil. This is because when placing traditional soil in to a roof garden, many of the organics are lost quickly and will require replenishing regularly. Fytogreen developed a light weight, mineral based soil, to be long lasting and stable.

So when it came to developing their vertical garden system Fytogreen knew that using soils vertically will not work long term. Instead Fytogreen uses a hydroponic foam with no soils particles to move or organics to decay. This is how Fytogreen provides Ecologically Sustainable vertical gardens. This way, plants capable of functioning within the design of the vertical garden system will live out its natural life cycle.

When it comes to green facades Fytogreen can use planter boxes specifically designed for the use of our lightweight soils or we can provide our vertical garden, hydroponic panels supported by Tensiles cabling and stainless steel mesh systems. With the combination of both Tensile and Fytogreen working together on the design of green facade systems, they have the ability to work in nearly any building and any situation.

Why Tensile

Tensile Design & Construct has a background in installing architectural mesh, cabling and rigging systems for plant life. During a project for Green Facades, Tensile maintains some of the highest level of expertise in the industry, holding onto the capability of configuring and installing such a setup. This experience and specialty is a great help within the industry and Peter and his team are great to work with.

Projects Worked On

Both Fytogreen and Tensile have worked together on multiple projects. The two initially started on a project for Medibank. The two companies worked together in order to develop new technology capable of working hand in hand with one another’s product. Tensile quickly discovered Fytogreen’s experience and expertise with the horticultural elements of green facades. Fytogreen similarly saw the potential of working with Tensile on more projects because of their knowledge on the structure equipment and how it can support a vertical garden environment. So from the beginning the two developed an important business relationship.

Following Medibank, the company constructed an eight story facade for Platinum Tower (City Road Southbank). It is currently the largest green facade of this type in Australia. Throughout all of their projects together, the two companies have work together in developing new products and design elements in order to increase the amount of projects available for both companies.

greening for commercial projects

Specific Metrics

The two companies often recommend the other when called in to design a project for a client. As Fytogreen provides the horticultural research and design, installation and maintenance of horticulture products and Tensile designs, installs and maintains the cabling, rigging, structural support, the two are able to work seamlessly together. Additionally, with the extensive work conducted with each other, joint projects have become more cost effective for clients. This makes it possible to find the most affordable method of green facade installation while maintaining the original aesthetic of the project’s concept. In this way, the companies are able to meet all client expectations in appearance while also cutting the overall cost. For any green facade design project work, you can speak with one of the Tensile designers here.

greening for commercial projects

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