The Future of Green Infrastructure in Australia

Who is Junglefy?

Junglefy grows, designs, installs and maintains all types of living infrastructure systems including green walls, green roofs, green facades and podiums, enhancing the built environment by introducing more plants into cities. Due to the often limited light and water in living infrastructure projects, knowing which systems work best and the types of plants to use requires both innovation, experience and research. By identifying the best combination, Junglefy has developed an effective way to increase the number of plants in our cities, providing healthier places to live and work with improved air quality.

As a company that has worked in the horticulture and construction industry since 2003, Junglefy’s focus is on good design combined with functionality and sustainability. Successful integration of living infrastructure into a project comes with experience and collaboration, which is what brought Junglefy and Tensile together.

How Junglefy Started Working With Tensile

The founders of both Junglefy and Tensile have known each other for a long time. The first project they worked on together was the iconic One Central Park building (OCP). Tensile provided the cabling and Junglefy installed the plants and systems that they still maintain to this day. The two companies quickly saw the benefit of working together on future projects.

The two companies have since collaborated on other projects including Westfield Bondi, Advanx carpark, Bijou apartments, Atlassian fitout and Superyachts carpark. They are currently working on Duo, the building next door to OCP currently under construction. During all of these projects they have formed a strong partnership identifying opportunities to enhance the design vision for the integration of plants into each unique building project. This has led to an effective way of delivering creative, cost effective outcomes for their clients.

Why Junglefy Works With Tensile

With Junglefy’s extensive knowledge about living infrastructure systems, namely green facades, and Tensile’s focus on the architectural design of the cabling to work specifically with plants makes for a great partnership. By working together, it has helped reduce potential installation issues and thanks to their strong collaborative approach means clients get a design that is functional, aesthetically beautiful and easy to maintain.

Junglefy and Tensile independently are some of the top service providers when it comes to green facades.  With their combined knowledge of horticulture, construction and engineering you can see why a lot of Architects are wanting to work with them. To learn more, check out the One Central Park project online.

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