Working with Tensile Architectural Projects – Scentre Group Case Study

To understand Scentre Group and its working with Tensile, it is necessary to look into the services Scentre Group offered before teaming up with Tensile. As the owner and operator of Westfield Shopping Centres, in Australia and New Zealand, the company not only designs the building but handles the actual construction in addition to managing the centres after construction is complete. The majority of work is done in-house and the design team undertakes everything from minor upgrades to major developments and refurbishments. As all assets are in-house designs, quality is extremely important. This is why working with another quality company, such as Tensile, proved to be so important.

Working With Tensile

Several years ago, Scentre Group started work on a relatively minor centre extension project for H&M and Rebel Sports at the Bondi Junction centre. Scentre wanted to install a green facade on the Bronte St entry. With limited experience on green facade designs, Scentre Group set out to identify a well-respected and knowledgeable company with the necessary experience in how to create such a green facade. This is how Scentre Group discovered Tensile. After contacting Peter, the head of Tensile, regarding Tensile’s products, Scentre Group brought Tensile on board to work on the initial project.

The project proved to be so successful, the two companies continued to work on additional projects, similar to the original Bondi Junction installation. The Scentre Group likes to work with Tensile as they are a turnkey solution provider, which makes it easy for the Scentre Group as Tensile are a one stop shop.  Since then, the two companies have and are working together to produce innovative designs for varying projects throughout Australia and New Zealand in order to ensure quality and craftsmanship.

Why Tensile?

Quality and durability are essential traits when it comes to construction and manufacturing. Failure to deliver in both areas has the potential to prove disastrous. That is why Scentre Group works with Tensile in a variety of design, build and installation projects. Tensile is a leading expert in the design and construction of tensile architectural projects. With the company’s knowledge on both landscaping and the implementation of mesh into landscaping, Tensile has brought an impressive level of experience and expertise to the constructions undertaken by Scentre, often a key partner in creating innovative results that push design boundaries.

Beyond initial design and construction, maintenance is an essential element. As Scentre Group maintains its own centres, the ability to perform maintenance is necessary. Tensile builds the structure for green facades, using the Jakob range of products.  Tensile also has all the necessary skill, knowledge and ability to provide the routine maintenance. All of these attributes make working with Tensile an easy decision.

The Turnkey Solution

Much like Scentre Group, Tensile works with its own designers and engineers to craft an appropriate tensioned mesh that works with a client’s specific and often unique needs. This works out well with Scentre Group. It means that, Scentre can rely on Tensile to provide a one stop shop service from design through to installation and maintenance.  It also reduces costs and delays for clients. With the engineering team at Tensile, the work is done in house for less and yet delivers a better, finished product.

With Tensile and Scentre Group working together, the two can offer a unique finished product for their clients. As both understand architectural design and planning, Tensile focuses on the engineering of wiring capable of holding plants that will increase in weight over time, clients receive unique, customised designs not available anywhere else. Together, the companies have worked on green columns for Warringah Mall’s recent major redevelopment, shade structure for Hurstville’s rooftop kid’s play, not to mention a wide number of green facades at other Westfield sites.

Need help with your next tensile architectural project?  Check out the projects that the Team at Tensile have worked on here or speak with a Design Consultant today.

Tensile architectural projects

Using green wall panels supplied by Fytogreen, Tensile was able to create the ideal relaxing and leafy atmosphere at Westfield Warringah Mall.

Tensile architectural projects

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