Creating New Outdoor Spaces with Catenary Lighting

Catenary lighting installations can give you the scope to create whatever vibe or mood you want in an outdoor space, from playful, colourful or artistic to cosy, subtle or even a little mysterious.

Creating a new outdoor space that illuminates (or lighting up an existing one) allows you to make it usable both day and night. This can encourage round-the-clock activities such as socialising, dining, window shopping and relaxing. And an overhead lighting system is something people generally enjoy – especially when it’s reminiscent of a twinkling night sky, or of colourful cityscapes.

Poles apart

Since a catenary lighting system is installed overhead, it reduces the need for poles to intrude into the space. In some cases, they can be eliminated altogether – such as where the cables are connected to building faces or canopies. This type of set-up enables the space to be more fully available for the people using it.

A catenary system is also not limited to any particular kind of light. It can include lamps, festoons, lanterns, or any other type of lighting arrangement you want.

Catenary lighting in action

Our team has recently worked on two installations that demonstrate how effective catenary lighting can be.

  1. Scotch Row Pocket Park in the Sydney harbour-side precinct of Barangaroo has been enlivened with seating, tables, plantings and a catenary lighting system that utilises Jakob 4mm stainless steel wire. The installation encourages dining, shopping and general socialising in the space in the evening as well as in the daytime.

The use of fine wire for the cables makes them almost transparent. It also lends a certain simplicity to the installation in keeping with the bright and playful theme.

  1. Steam Mill Lane in Sydney’s Darling Harbour encompasses an eclectic mix of retail stores and eateries as well as pop-up events and entertainment.

The area has recently been enhanced with a suspended art installation. Tensile developed the bases for the art forms and installed the lights and cables. The lights are cleverly concealed behind the metal art pieces – which allows for an unobtrusive and subtle light spill after dark.

Interested in a lighting installation?

If you would like to know more about how a catenary lighting system can enhance a new or existing outdoor space, feel free to get in touch for a discussion.

Creating New Outdoor Spaces with Catenary Lighting / Tensile Design & Construct

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