Creating Bridge Safety Systems with Visual Appeal

Bridges are more than just functional structures for crossing from one place to another. You only need to think of the Sydney Harbour Bridge or the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco to see that they also form architectural focus points.

Making bridges safe as well as aesthetically beautiful, structurally sound and functional is a goal that requires a balancing act between all the various elements that go into construction.

Jakob products – designed for purpose

At Tensile, we use Jakob stainless steel products to create bridge safety systems that are visually appealing as well as functional. Jakob’s webnet mesh for example is ideal for fall protection, and it’s also light, airy and almost transparent in appearance while being extremely flexible and robust. Its flexibility allows it to be moulded to organic shapes and forms, while being supported by stainless steel frames for stability.

The combination of strength, flexibility and beauty makes webnet mesh particularly well suited to bridge safety in comparison to products that are designed for industrial or construction sites.

It’s also important that the safety barriers used on bridges are difficult to climb. Webnet comes in a variety of rope diameters and aperture sizes, which means a specific mesh material can be selected for the purpose required, like climb prevention.

Case example – Albert Cotter Bridge

The Albert Cotter Bridge at Moore Park in Sydney spans Anzac Parade – a very busy road in the eastern suburbs. The pedestrian and cycle bridge is 440m in length and features approach ramps that curl into helical shapes at either end.

Mesh barriers provide fall protection and safety with webnet 316-grade steel mesh, which was formed into curves and shapes to fit with the bridge’s geometrical design.

The bridge is a prime example of the way in which safety features can visually enhance a pedestrian walkway while providing maximum safety. To find out more about our stainless steel frames and bridge safety systems, get in contact with our team.

Creating Bridge Safety Systems with Visual Appeal / Tensile Design & Construct

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