Benefits of Wire Trellis Systems for Green Facades and Walls

Using stainless-steel wire rope as support structures for green walls or facades can provide a very practical solution for beautifying buildings.

Wire trellis systems are more robust and durable than those made from other materials such as timber or plastic.

They are more resistant to the elements and the effects of weather – which also makes them a great low-maintenance option.

Wire rope and mesh: versatility and strength combined

Jakob’s wire rope and mesh materials offer the flexibility and versatility to create green wall and facade support structures, without sacrificing either appearance or strength.

Wire ropes or cables can be installed in a variety of configurations on a wall face to support greenery. This includes diagonally, vertically, horizontally, in a square or diamond trellis formation and so on – depending on the plant species and the visual effect you hope to achieve.

Benefits of Wire Trellis Systems for Green Facades and Walls / Tensile Design & Construct

Webnet mesh is made from the same 316-grade stainless-steel wire rope and comes in aperture sizes ranging from 25mm to 300mm. Like stainless-steel cables, it can be used to support climbing or scrambling plants, planter boxes or containers on a green facade or wall.

Wire trellis: real life examples

Here are two examples of webnet mesh and stainless-steel wire in action.

  • Stonnington City Council offices:

    Stonnington Council decided to install an internal green facade as part of the renovation of its office building.

    Vertical stainless-steel cabling was used to provide a practical and robust support structure for the climbing plants and planter boxes. The wire system doubles as a balustrade, while simultaneously allowing in plenty of natural light into the building interior.

  • Vance Apartments hanging gardens:

    The brief was to install a support structure for a green facade designed to increase privacy, without impeding views.

    For this project we used both 6mm stainless-steel cables and webnet mesh to support the planter boxes, in turn helping to create the desired effect of plants spilling out over several levels. We believe the results speak for themselves!

Whatever type of wire trellis system you use for a green facade or wall, the important thing is that it’s properly engineered to ensure it can bear the weight of the plants and is resistant to strong winds.

Get in touch with us if you would like to discuss engineered wire trellis systems for your next green infrastructure project.

Benefits of Wire Trellis Systems for Green Facades and Walls / Tensile Design & Construct

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