Improving Safety with Webnet Mesh in Child Care Centres

Child care centres are about much more than just minding our kids while we’re at work. They also provide opportunities for children to engage in active play, fun and learning through stimulating environments.

But while parents might want their kids to be able to run and play freely, they want them to do so as safely as possible.

The National Quality Standard for child care centres states they must provide safe, clean and well-maintained equipment and spaces that support play-based learning. It also says children should be protected from “harm and hazard”.

Webnet mesh in child care centres: meeting the standard

Jakob’s webnet is an ideal material for facilitating safety in child care centres and for meeting quality standards.

The mesh is made from marine-grade stainless steel wire which is wound into rope and then laced into various size apertures. It offers a near-transparent but robust solution for safety and fall protection, and it is flexible enough to be applied to all kinds of different situations.

Improving Safety with Webnet Mesh in Child Care Centres / Tensile Design & Construct

In a child care centre playground, it can be used to wrap climbing structures, cover window-like openings, create safety nets under equipment, or build non-climbable mesh walls on above-ground playground bridges or walkways.

The mesh offers a safety barrier without impeding the entry of air and natural light. It can also be painted in a range of colours to match the equipment or the centre’s logo and branding.

In addition, as a UV-resistant and non-corrosive material, it requires little or no maintenance and should last as long as the equipment itself.

The mesh can also be used in other areas of the centre. For example – to section off one area from another, to prevent access to areas, or on balconies, decks or staircases as quick-install balustrades.

If you would like to know more about using webnet mesh in child care centres, contact our team for a discussion.

Improving Safety with Webnet Mesh in Child Care Centres / Tensile Design & Construct

Images source: Augen – Kings Park Perth

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