Webnet Mesh Barriers for Sporting Fields and Playgrounds

Jakob’s Webnet mesh barriers can be used for a number of applications in sporting fields and playgrounds.

This is because the material comes with the properties required of safety netting, such as strength and flexibility, while being non-corrosive and transparent at the same time.

Webnet mesh barriers for sports fields and enclosures

Using Webnet mesh for sports and games facilities goes beyond standard fencing. Here are some examples of how it can be utilised:

  • As ball catchers/ball stop nets – Webnet is an ideal material for ball stop fences and catchers. It absorbs noise and withstands the impact of balls when they slam into the net. The same net can also be tensioned to be more flexible in some areas and more rigid in others, or even made from more than one mesh size if required.
  • Stadiums/sports halls – in these arenas, both safety and clear sightlines are usually required. Since Webnet is near-transparent in appearance and able to withstand the pressure of large crowds at the same time, it can be ideal for use as barriers in these types of venues.
  • Protection of equipment – Webnet can be installed on walls and ceilings in sports halls or gymnasiums as a protective barrier. This can be a money-saver as it reduces the need to invest in ball-proof lighting and other similar types of technical equipment.

Here are some project examples of Webnet mesh barriers for sports:

Webnet Mesh Barriers for Sporting Fields and Playgrounds / Tensile Design & Construct

Dee Why PC Youth Club: In this project, we installed a ball screen for the basketball courts using 160mm aperture Webnet mesh. The screen provides a protective and robust barrier for the court, while still allowing for light-entry and airflow.

Springvale Community Precinct: This is a brand new development on a four-hectare site that forms part of the region’s 20-year renewal / revitalisation program. It consists of public gardens, play areas, a library and community centre, sports fields, an exhibition area, café, and more. Our role in the project was to supply and install ball catcher nets for two areas in the sports field – a net spanning 17m between light poles, and a ball catcher for the soccer field that mirrors a soccer goalpost in form.

Specific benefits of these Webnet mesh barriers include:

  • A transparent and elegant appearance while being tough enough to absorb any amount of impact from vigorous sporting activities.
  • No secondary structure is required which created savings in terms of both installation time and costs.
  • The soccer net plays the role of traditional nylon netting, but unlike nylon is resistant to UV degradation.
  • The nets are flexible and appear light while offering a long and low-maintenance life simultaneously.

Webnet Mesh Barriers for Sporting Fields and Playgrounds / Tensile Design & Construct

Webnet mesh barriers for playgrounds

Webnet can also be a great material to use in children’s playgrounds. It has a malleable fabric-like nature that lends itself to creating safety nets for non-symmetrical objects requiring a robust and reliable fall solution that doesn’t impact aesthetics.

For example, it can be used to wrap or drape around climbing towers, used as partitions between play areas or formed into fall protection nets under play equipment.

Examples of the use of Webnet include:

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Webnet Mesh Barriers for Sporting Fields and Playgrounds / Tensile Design & Construct

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