Webnet Frames: Customisable, Easy to Install and Versatile

Webnet frames are an ideal solution where a robust, transparent, low-corrosion and low-maintenance barrier is required on structures such as walkways, bridges, or playgrounds.

They consist of marine-grade stainless steel frames with Webnet mesh infills. The frames themselves are made from square or round hollow tubes, while the mesh infills are secured to the frames with lacing rope. The lacing rope can be visible or hidden, depending on the design.

Customisation options

The beauty of Webnet frames is that they are customisable.

The frames come in a range of dimensions up to 2,000mm by 3,500mm, although larger sizes may be possible for specific projects.

The mesh infills can be constructed in a range of wire sizes, aperture-opening sizes and geometric shapes.

Both the frames and mesh can also be coloured to stand out or blend in with the structure as desired.

Easy to install

The frames offer a very quick and easy method of installing barriers or balustrades, especially as they can be pre-assembled then transported to the structure to be fixed into place.

No specialist assembly expertise is required for installation.

Webnet frames for a variety of applications  

Examples of uses include safety barriers on footbridges, viewing platforms and elevated walkways, or even mesh panel ‘windows’ on children’s climbing towers.

Webnet frames have been used in numerous projects in Australia and around the world. Here’s a selection.

Elizabeth Quay Footbridge, Perth

This footbridge provides a convenient and safe pathway for pedestrians and cyclists across the Swan River while allowing them to enjoy the surrounding views.

The mesh for the barrier was made from 2mm wire laced into 50mm aperture shapes and divided into eight panels that connect seamlessly across the bridge.

The bridge forms an S-curve over the water – which just goes to show that Webnet frame panels are not only suited to straight lines and angular projects!

Using the modular approach made possible by Webnet frames enabled the barrier to be completed well ahead of schedule.

Webnet Frames: Customisable, Easy to Install and Versatile / Tensile Design & Construct

First Cliff Walk, Switzerland

This unique walkway allows visitors to experience close-up unhindered views of peaks and waterfalls in Grindelwald without needing any special mountain or rock climbing skills.

The Webnet barrier provides fall protection from the loop pathway to the 45m observation walkway, ensuring visitors can enjoy the entire experience in maximum safety.

You might think such a barrier would take a long time to install, but in fact it was completed within just five months! This shows how the use of Webnet frames can reduce the time required to install safety barriers even in highly challenging situations.

Rose Garden Bridge, Tasmania

The Rose Garden footbridge crosses over busy Brooker Avenue in Hobart. It provides a safe passage for cyclists and pedestrians to reach the Domain recreation precinct from the city.

The bridge, which provides a clear span of 60m across the highway, features steel girder construction with concrete abutments at either end.

Webnet mesh mounted on stainless steel frames have been used to meet the required safety codes while contributing to the bridge’s curved design.

Webnet Frames: Customisable, Easy to Install and Versatile / Tensile Design & Construct

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