Use of Stainless-Steel Mesh in Architectural Facade Trends

Jakob’s Webnet stainless steel mesh is well-suited to creating decorative and green facades in commercial architectural projects, with a unique blend of practicality and design versatility.

It can be formed into a variety of geometric shapes and moulded to just about any structure, while offering excellent durability, corrosion-resistance and near-transparency.

Made from marine-grade stainless steel, Webnet comes in a wide range of wire diameters and aperture sizes and shapes, making it adaptable and highly compatible with contemporary architecture.

Fully compliant with Australian Standards, Webnet can be used to support artistic elements on a decorative building facade, or as a trellis support for plants in green facades.

Here are some examples of how Tensile has used stainless steel mesh to create commercial architectural facades around Australia.

SkyPark, Melbourne CBD

SkyPark is a raised city garden enclosed by a stainless steel mesh fall-protection barrier made from 50mm-aperture 2mm-wire Webnet. The barrier doubles as a green facade, supporting a variety of climbing plants around the park’s perimeter.

The great thing about using stainless steel mesh for a project like this is that it becomes almost invisible as the plants grow, while still allowing for light inflow, cooling breezes on warm days, and views across the city.

Use of Stainless-Steel Mesh in Architectural Facade Trends / Tensile Design & Construct

Sibyl Centre, Sydney University

The Sibyl Centre at the university’s Women’s College has a unique curved copper panel facade installed across its exterior. The facade’s supporting mesh is made from stainless steel cable in a custom clamp arrangement, and supports a series of copper panels that are arranged to depict the ancient Greek figure of Sibyl.

The result is an artistic and story-telling facade with a floating and frameless appearance that belies its size and scale.

Advanx East Apartments Carpark, Sydney

The multi-storey carpark at the Advanx East apartment building is wrapped in a mesh safety barrier that also acts as an artistic and green facade.

Initially the plan was to build the carpark underground, but due to water-table challenges it was decided to build it above ground – while making sure it looked good!

The facade’s greenery provides shading and pollution-reduction, as well as beautification of the structure. The artwork component has an Aboriginal theme, with the colourful discs being well-secured by stainless steel cables.

Two24 Office Tower, Canberra

The facade installation for this building comprises a sheer veil across the podium’s exterior, giving the appearance of a huge mesh curtain hanging down in folds.

The material used for this facade was a stainless steel interlinked ring mesh by Alphamesh. The finished facade provides shading, cooling and privacy for occupants, while allowing for natural light entry and views to the street.

Interested in using stainless steel mesh for a commercial facade? Get in touch with our team for a discussion. Webnet is also suitable for barriers on footbridges, playgrounds, atriums and staircases.

Use of Stainless-Steel Mesh in Architectural Facade Trends / Tensile Design & Construct

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