Stainless Steel Mesh Curtains for Unique Style and Privacy

Stainless steel mesh curtains are a great option for adding privacy and architectural interest to commercial buildings.

Curtains made from flexible stainless-steel mesh bring a touch of sophistication and style to a building, while also providing solar shading and aiding privacy. And unlike most fabrics, these curtains can be installed on the outside of the building as well as on the inside.

Here are some of the ways steel mesh curtains can be used:

  • External facade ‘veils’ to provide shade while allowing in natural light.
  • Privacy partitions in an office that allow for ventilation and airflow.
  • Room or area dividers within a commercial building, such as a shop or restaurant.
  • For adding decorative features and texture to building interiors.

Stainless steel is an excellent material for these types of commercial installations. It’s light, transparent and malleable – having many similarities to fabric in how it behaves. It’s also robust, durable, able to handle large loads and resistant to corrosion and fire.

Stainless Steel Mesh Curtains for Unique Style and Privacy / Tensile Design & Construct

Stainless steel mesh curtains in action

Not so long ago, we had the opportunity to make and install stainless steel mesh curtains for a multi-storey office tower in Canberra, known as ‘Two24’.

Our brief was to design and install two giant sheer mesh curtains across the outside of the building podium, to facilitate privacy for the glazed facade and to define the building entrance.

We used German-made Alphamesh for the curtains – which is created from interlocking stainless-steel rings of diameters ranging from 7mm to 12mm.  For this particular project, we used the 12mm diameter ring variety.

Alphamesh is made from corrosion-resistant stainless-steel wire, and each ring is fully welded, which guarantees stability, strength and durability. At the same time, the material has a pliability and softness to it – so it provides the best of both worlds.

Each of the mesh curtains is seven metres high and 50 metres wide. While the material itself is light, the size of the curtains overall meant they were very heavy, which made for a challenging installation. The building is on a busy public street, which added to the complexity.  But with a bit of careful planning, our team was able to pull it all off without too much drama!

The finished veils hang across the face of the building in folds (much like two giant fabric curtains) providing screening and shading while allowing for views and light. The robustness of the material means the screens should keep on providing these benefits for two decades or more. We think the curtains also look pretty awesome, making the building stand out in the streetscape! Check them out on our project page.

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Stainless Steel Mesh Curtains for Unique Style and Privacy / Tensile Design & Construct

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