The Role of Webnet For Safety in Playground Design

Playgrounds are important places in our communities, giving kids space to run around and let off steam, and helping fire their imaginations at the same time. In fact, as NSW Health* states, physical play is essential for a child’s development, helping them build motor skills, social skills and healthy bones! It also promotes the growth and development of their brains.

webnet mesh

When it comes to creating playgrounds, designers face the challenge of keeping children safe –  without spoiling their fun. This is where webnet wire mesh can provide an ideal solution.

How webmesh works

Playgrounds are full of irregular and odd shapes – from swings and slides to tunnels and climbing platforms. Webnet mesh is ideal for providing safety enclosures, as it is malleable and flexible enough to wrap, mould and shape to fit a whole variety of forms.

It can be draped over play areas, or wrapped around a climbing tower – but done in such a way that it doesn’t interfere with free play and movement.

Webnet is made from stainless steel rope, which when combined with rods, tubes and connectors, provides a range of safety solutions without detracting from aesthetic design. It has a light, almost filigree appearance, but is in fact able to withstand huge loads – even up to the weight of large crowds.

Specific benefits for children

In a children’s playground, webnet can be used to section one area off from another, and to form safety nets around or under play equipment. It can also be used to prevent falling and to stop dangerous climbing.

A particular feature that suits children is that it has no sharp edges to cause injury. It also comes in various aperture sizes and meets all Australian safety codes and standards.

The mesh is available in a range of colours, which means it can be incorporated into the design, or be made into a feature.

The technical details

Webnet is made from 316-grade stainless steel wire in a range of sizes. It also comes with aperture sizes ranging from 20mm to 400mm in custom shapes.

It is not prone to rust, corrosion or fraying, is extremely strong and durable, and does not require any ongoing maintenance.

Webnet for safety: a case study

At Wulaba Park Playground in Waterloo Sydney, a very malleable type of webnet mesh with small aperture openings was used to fold and wrap around the climbing tower and the platform at its base.

This allows children to freely play on the equipment at very low risk of injury from falling. The mesh also looks almost transparent, which means it does not detract from the bright colourful appearance of the play equipment in any way.

If you’re interested in how webnet mesh can work in a playground design, contact us.



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