Tensile Creates Facade for Randwick Racecourse Car Park

We’re backing our skills and experience in webnet installation in the redevelopment of the Royal Randwick Racecourse in Sydney.

Part of the redevelopment is the construction of a three-level 580-vehicle car park, positioned over the day stalls.

Tensile’s role in this project is the design and installation of a webnet facade for the car park.

Tensile’s installation of a designer facade

The Randwick Racecourse car park will be accessible to vehicles via a spiral ramp, and will also provide links for pedestrians to other areas, including the main grandstand and the owners’ pavilions.

The key aspect of this project is the integration of practicality with design, giving an essential safety element an artistic look.

The job has two parts to it:

  • A webnet mesh screen to provide safety. The screen will be installed from the inside-out via use of a small crawler crane from the roof and an eight-person team. The mesh will provide fall protection for car park users, as well as for workers in the interim. More than 2,000m2 of webnet will be required for completion of the task.
  • A facade feature comprising approximately 5,500 coloured metal discs. This will provide a decorative element to the mesh screen.


The entire facade is under Tensile’s control, which is a major advantage in a project such as this. This is because it reduces the need to constantly consult with multiple subcontractors to overcome challenges and solve problems – in effect simplifying the process.

Tensile has collaborated with architects Fitzpatrick+Partners and builders AW Edwards on the project, which is expected to be completed in 2018.

If you’d like to know more about webnet or the installation of a green facade or wall, get in contact with us by phone or via our contact form.






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