Putting Your Stamp on a Facade with Webnet ID Plates

One of the great things about webnet mesh is its versatility. It can be custom-made into just about any geometric shape and aperture size – creating a pliable, filigree-like product that is capable of handling large loads.

The mesh also provides a great ‘canvas’ for green and artistic elements to enhance your building, carpark, bridge or other structure. This includes climbing plants, planter boxes, and decorative discs or shapes.

Jakob’s Webnet ID offers an additional artistic element. It features decorative metal plates in stainless steel or aluminium, with either a powder coated or anodising finish. The plates can be made in whatever size, shape and colour is required. They can also be arranged in any formation on a mesh screen – allowing even greater opportunity for customisation.

Putting Your Stamp on a Facade with Webnet ID Plates / Tensile Design & Construct

Individualising your mesh screen or facade

Webnet ID plates allow you to embed whatever graphics you choose into your mesh screen or facade.

Here are some of the possibilities:

  • Logos or corporate colours stamped into facades, fences or free-standing mesh screens.
  • Giant billboards – such as on this hotel facade in Switzerland. In this case the plates are coated with a reflective film, so they light up and become visible at night with passing traffic.
  • Mosaic artworks or displays on mesh screens for an art exhibition or a trade show.
  • Product advertising that really stands out and is better able to withstand the elements than traditional signage.
  • Colourful murals to add decorative artistic features to an otherwise uninspiring structure such as a carpark or blank wall.

Putting Your Stamp on a Facade with Webnet ID Plates / Tensile Design & Construct

Practicality and art combined

While a Webnet ID-enhanced screen might look light and beautiful, there is nothing delicate or fussy about this material. In fact, it is very durable and low-maintenance – much like all Jakob wire products, from cables and rods to trellises and frames.

Webnet ID can also be installed onsite. This means that retrofitting to an existing screen or facade is not a problem. Get in touch with our team to discuss how Webnet ID can give your project a custom decorative edge.

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