Designing Carpark Facades for Safety and Aesthetics

Webnet stainless steel mesh offers a very versatile solution for multi-deck carpark facades and barriers, as it can serve a variety of purposes in one installation.

Webnet not only has excellent strength and longevity, but it’s also highly flexible and malleable, has large span capacity and is light and translucent in appearance.

When used to create a full-height facade or barrier, the material can meet safety requirements, reduce costs, and even help make a carpark look great!

Here’s how it could work for your high-rise carpark.

Benefits of Webnet for carpark facades

Prevents falls from height

Webnet barriers can address fall prevention by wrapping the entire structure with one screen, effectively creating a full-height barrier on each level. At the same time, the screen allows for natural light entry which helps facilitate visibility.

Prevents climbing, jumping, and throwing

Any kind of elevated safety barrier should be non-climbable to prevent climbing and jumping. This can be achieved in a Webnet barrier by reducing the size of the aperture opening to 40mm or less in order to prevent footholds.

By installing a Webnet full-height barrier, you can remove any possibility of climbing altogether. This approach also prevents any possibility of objects falling or being thrown over the edge.

Quick to install

It took only three weeks to install an 1800m2 Webnet mesh screen on the Thomas Street carpark in Dandenong in Melbourne.

The carpark continued to be used during installation, preventing any need to close the facility or interrupt normal operations. This certainly added to the convenience factor.

Designing Carpark Facades for Safety and Aesthetics / Tensile Design & Construction

Could prevent expensive structural changes

Older carparks sometimes need a retrofitted safety barrier in order to upgrade to new safety codes. This can be an expensive exercise if major structural works are required.

For example, the balustrades on the Thomas Street carpark were not up to current standards. Installing a Webnet barrier prevented the need for costly changes to the structure. As Webnet is a light and open material that facilitates airflow, there was no need for an expensive air-exchange system to be installed – which reduced costs and time still further.

Can enhance appearance

Carparks are generally functional and not known for their architectural elegance. But a Webnet carpark facade can be used as a support structure for artistic embellishments to create something of visual interest.

Here are three examples:

  • Liverpool Hospital – the mesh facade on this carpark supports colourful metal pieces arranged to form a mosaic of an indigenous artistic design. This lifts the carpark from the mundane and gives it the wow factor.
  • Randwick Racecourse – a series of bright yellow discs have been attached to the facade on this carpark, creating a playful visual display.
  • Advanx East Apartments – the facade for this carpark supports an Aboriginal-inspired artwork created from coloured metal attachments. This screen also acts as a trellis for climbing plants.

Can be made into a green barrier

Green facades can also be installed on carparks. As well as looking great and improving shading, the plants help to absorb pollution and provide healthier air.

At the Super Yacht Marina carpark in Glebe, the brief was to beautify the structure with a green facade. The completed Webnet facade acts as a safety barrier while supporting planter boxes that cantilever off two sides of the structure.

Multi-deck carparks don’t have to be boring! Give us a call if you’d like more information on improving safety and aesthetics on high-rise carparks.

Designing Carpark Facades for Safety and Aesthetics / Tensile Design & Construction

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