Catenary Lighting for Shopping Malls and Hospitality Hot Spots

Catenary lighting systems – where lights are suspended from overhead cables – allow for the installation of attractive illumination without poles intruding into the space.

They can include all types of lights and lighting arrangements. They do not need to be limited to lights alone either, but can include art pieces or decorative elements. Building walls are often used as anchor points for overhead light installations.

Catenary lighting can be used for shopping malls or strips, car parks, city laneways, parks, public squares or any other types of spaces where people might gather. Installing an overhead lighting system helps to encourage use of the space after dark and to improve safety and security as well.

While a lighting installation requires technical expertise and precision engineering, it can be designed to appear simple, cosy, artistic or free-flowing depending on what you want to achieve. It can also be used to create any type of atmosphere you desire – from playful and colourful to moody or mysterious.

Here are some examples.

Abercrombie Lane Sydney

This installation, selected by the City of Sydney for the Art & About 2012 festival, involves the use of approximately 1,000 metres of stainless-steel cables.

The cabling was not installed in parallel lines but rather at all kinds of angles – up, down, diagonal and sideways – creating patterns that change depending on where you are standing.

Scotch Row Barangaroo

A catenary lighting system was required here to encourage the use of Scotch Row Pocket Park in the evenings.

4mm stainless-steel wire was used to carry the lighting system, keeping it light and simple and in line with the overall theme of the installation. The lighting system is also portable, which means it can be moved elsewhere if the need arises.

Catenary Lighting for Shopping Malls and Hospitality Hot Spots / Tensile Design & Construct

Steam Mill Lane Darling Harbour

This project comprises eight suspended sculptural pieces by Adelaide artist Peta Kruger. The lights in the system are cleverly concealed behind the artistic metal plates, creating a subtle, almost playful spill of light.

If you have a project in mind that would involve the installation of a catenary lighting system, feel free to get in touch for a discussion.

Catenary Lighting for Shopping Malls and Hospitality Hot Spots / Tensile Design & Construct

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