Tensile’s Catenary Lighting System Livens Up Barangaroo

Tensile was recently involved in the transformation of Scotch Row in Sydney’s harbour-side Barangaroo precinct into an attractive and vibrant hub for locals, workers and visitors to relax, unwind and socialise.

Tensile’s role in the Scotch Row project was to install a catenary lighting system.

The aim of the lighting is to encourage the use of the laneway after dark for window shopping and dining, as well as to enliven and decorate the space and create a cool vibe.

Tensile installs simple and low-key lighting system

For the installation we used 4mm Jakob stainless steel wire, with the aim of keeping the system as simple and low-tech as possible. This was done largely to keep it consistent with the overall theme of the development, which is one of relative simplicity and playfulness.

The lighting system is a complete retrofit to the space, which means it is also portable, and can be picked up and moved elsewhere if the need ever arises.

The many benefits of catenary lighting

This type of lighting system can provide multiple functional and creative benefits. For example, the lights are strung across almost transparent cables that can be connected to buildings or discreet poles – eliminating the need for large poles that can so often intrude into public spaces.

Many lighting options are also available, including pendants, LEDs, festoons or lanterns – all of which are suitable to use with Tensile’s stainless steel catenary cables.

Other advantages of catenary lighting include improved safety, efficient use of electricity, reduced emissions and subtle unobtrusive light.

At Tensile, we specialise in design that is simple, functional and clean. If you have a project in mind that could benefit from a catenary lighting installation, get in contact with us by phone or online form, so we can make a time to meet and discuss your needs.

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