Adoption of Green Facades: Where are They Being Installed?

As green facades grow in popularity they are appearing in all kinds of places. Examples include apartment buildings, offices, car parks, public buildings, shopping malls and hotels.

These green infrastructure systems can be installed on outer walls, or inside a space to create a beautiful, lush and health-giving indoor vertical garden.

Here are five examples of Australian green facade installations.

1. Council office building, Malvern Melbourne

Stonnington Council installed an interior green facade using stainless steel cabling which doubles as a balustrade. The result is a low-maintenance, robust system that also looks sleek and elegant.

The council chose an indoor green facade for air quality and well-being improvements for staff, as well as for its good looks!

2. Apartment building, Southbank Melbourne

The green facade for the Platinum Tower spans nine storeys on the northern and eastern sides of the structure.

In this case, the climbing plants were pre-grown, enabling the project to have around 50% coverage from the start of the installation.

3. Shopping centre, Bondi Junction Sydney

The purpose of this green facade at Westfield was to beautify a blank wall space that had resulted from a renovation.

Webnet mesh was used as the trellis system for the climbing plants. This project is unique in that a walkway was embedded into the system at the installation stage for maintenance purposes – reducing the need for ropes or BMUs (building maintenance units).

Only six months after completion, the wall had 70% green coverage.

Adoption of Green Facades: Where are They Being Installed? / Tensile Design & Construct

4. Shopping mall, Brookvale Sydney

This project at Warringah Mall required stainless steel columns to create a hybrid green facade and green wall system.

The completed system consists of climbing plants as well as panels suspended on Jakob stainless steel cables.

5. Car park, Glebe Sydney

Car parks are often rather uninspiring structures, but a project such as this one at the Sydney Super Yacht Centre shows they needn’t be!

This installation features a planter-box approach. 92 planter boxes containing pre-grown plants are cantilevered off two sides of the car park, using webnet mesh as the supporting structure.

Not only can a green facade make a car park more aesthetically-pleasing, it can also absorb some of the pollutants and odours created by vehicles, improving air quality within the structure.

Interested in going green? Talk to us about installing green infrastructure as part of your next project!

Adoption of Green Facades: Where are They Being Installed? / Tensile Design & Construct

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