Webnet Enclosures for Animals

When working with animal enclosures, it is important to use a material that is both strong and durable. This helps keep maintenance costs down while preventing any damage to the enclosure’s overall structure as well as the animals.  A Webnet mesh enclosure is an option that not only fulfils these two requirements, but provides a host of additional benefits. So no matter the size of the enclosure, the shape or the species, going with Webnet mesh enclosures is a cost effective solution for any establishment.

Built to Last

Webnet mesh is made from grade 316 stainless steel. This provides a strong, yet durable material. As there are no solid portions of the enclosure, it can be designed to fit or shape any space or enclosure. The webnet mesh can withstand weight loads from animals and heavy weather conditions.

Any Enclosure and Any Animal

The beauty of the Webnet mesh is it can be utilised for any kind of enclosure or space. For animals that remain on all fours, it can serve as a protective barrier, while for those animals that climb, the enclosure both acts as a protective barrier and as a means of climbing for the animal. Due to the nature of the material, it can be formed into any shape, regardless of the size or the kind of animal in question, making it the perfect material to design safe spaces for animals but also structures they can play on and enjoy while offering optimal viewing of the animals for visitors.

Designed For Your Needs

While the Webnet mesh will fit the size configuration of your unique needs, it also comes in varying colours to fit any appearance needs you have as well. This way, the material can blend into the background, take centre stage in the design or complement a structure or space. Whatever your needs are, Webnet mesh is also designed for longevity without the need for expensive maintenance or any additional upgrades.

The top priority for any farm, zoo or other facility maintaining animals is to protect the animal and keep them from escaping the enclosure. By doing so, it also protects those on the outside of the enclosure. Webnet enclosures are durable, strong and designed to allow optimal viewing of the animals. So for any establishment in need of proper enclosures built to last, regardless of shape or size, the Webnet mesh enclosures are the answer.

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