Using Webnet ID and EVO in Unique Designs

Jakob’s Webnet is a pliable netting product that is adaptable to many kinds of projects. This includes those with organic shapes such as spiral staircases and curved and helical footbridges.

Webnet ID and Webnet EVO are the latest extensions of basic Webnet, offering all the benefits of the original mesh product, with additional features.

These products allow you to use Webnet mesh for your facade or barrier project as before, but with even greater options for customisation and individualisation.

Here’s how.

Webnet ID – for embedding your own designs

This product takes Webnet to a whole new level through the addition of decorative metal plates that allow you to embed graphics into the screen. The plates can be configured to display corporate colours, company logos, mosaic artworks or even to communicate billboard messages.

When used for signage, Webnet ID offers greater weather and wind resistance than traditional billboards. Other features and benefits of Webnet ID include a choice of aluminium or stainless-steel for the plates, a wide range of colours and shapes, and easy installation.

There are no limits to the patterns, configurations and uses of the ID plates. They can be incorporated into any type of Webnet mesh facade or screen – from bridge barriers and wall facades to indoor screens and art displays.

Project example:

This hotel in Switzerland uses Webnet with ID plates to create a facade billboard that is highly visible from a distance. The plates have been coated in a reflective film which makes them shine and stand out even after dark by reflecting city and vehicle lights.

Using Webnet ID and EVO in Unique Designs / Tensile Design & Construct

Webnet EVO – innovative ornamental netting

Webnet EVO, which was nominated for the Design Prize Switzerland 2021 in the textile category, comes with a range of new patterns.

These create new possibilities for architectural barriers, screens and facades. While standard Webnet already allows for a choice of aperture opening shapes and sizes, Webnet EVO extends this by allowing more complex and varied shapes within the same panel. This allows for greater freedom of design for both interior and exterior mesh screens.

EVO’s organic and wavelike shapes are made possible by building upon Webnet’s fabric-like structure and by varying the spacing between the net sleeves.

At this stage, Jakob is offering five new patterns that incorporate a mix of curved and angular geometric shapes. The range may be expanded in the future as well.

Project example:

Jakob Rope Systems in Switzerland has Webnet EVO screens installed across wall surfaces in the reception area. This creates lively patterns across the wall that catch attention upon entry.

Use of Webnet ID and EVO

These products can be used in much the same way as standard Webnet mesh for interior and exterior projects. This includes for:

  • The creation of robust and long-lasting barriers for footbridges, multi-storey carparks, staircases, internal atriums and elevated walkways.
  • Sports and animal enclosures.
  • Green and artistic facades.
  • Enhancing / decorating large plain interior walls.

There are seemingly endless design possibilities for Webnet ID and EVO! Get in touch to find out more or to discuss your project idea.

Using Webnet ID and EVO in Unique Designs / Tensile Design & Construct

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