Bring New Structure to Architecture with Webnet EVO

We’ve written a lot over the years about the many benefits of Webnet mesh, and the wide range of architectural projects it can be applied to.

Webnet offers a flexible, lightweight, near-transparent, long-lasting, and non-corrosive mesh solution. It can be used for facades, fence infills, partitions, security screens, art installations, animal enclosures, and barriers on footbridges, atriums, carparks, and playgrounds.

But while Webnet already offered considerable design freedom, Jakob’s new product – called Webnet EVO – really takes it to a whole new level!

What is Webnet EVO?

EVO is an extension of classic Webnet. It is constructed from the same stainless steel wire rope and comes with the same level of functionality.

Where it differs is that it offers new pattern varieties. Classic Webnet comes in a variety of aperture opening shapes and sizes, but these are generally uniform across the panel. EVO however comes with the option of differing aperture shapes and sizes adjacent to each other.

This is achieved by varying the spacing between the sleeves, which allows for the creation of complex net patterns and shapes that appear organic and even wavelike.

Jakob is offering an initial range of five patterns that can be scaled according to size. The patterns have been created using a variety of shapes including hexagons, irregular diamonds, and trapezoids. Further designs may be offered in the future as well.

The company describes Webnet EVO as offering “lively shapes and clear lines” that bring new structures and design possibilities to architecture. Already the product has been nominated for the Design Prize Switzerland 2021 in the textiles category.

Bring New Structure to Architecture with Webnet EVO / Tensile Design and Construct

Opening up the design possibilities

EVO can be applied to the same types of architectural projects as classic Webnet while offering additional enhancements where required. Here are some ideas.

External structures:

  • Pedestrian and cycle bridge barriers. Webnet has an almost fabric-like quality that makes it ideal for barriers and anti-throw screens on bridges that don’t conform to straight lines. With Webnet EVO, the barrier could become even more of a design feature in its own right.
  • Green and artistic facades. Webnet has been used extensively to create trellis support structures for facades on building walls, carparks, balconies, and other structures. Webnet EVO could add an additional element of interest to the overall design of a facade.
  • Carpark barriers. Multistorey carparks are usually not the most inspiring structures in the world but certainly could be enhanced with the addition of a mesh barrier created from Webnet EVO.


  • Multistorey atriums. Indoor atriums are usually designed to create a sense of space, light and beauty, and like pedestrian bridges they don’t always adhere to the linear. Webnet can be ideal for creating full-height transparent safety barriers for atriums, particularly those that change in shape across the levels. With Webnet EVO, the aesthetics of an atrium barrier can be extended still further.
  • Large, plain walls. For example, EVO has been installed on the entrance area walls of Jakob Rope Systems in Switzerland, creating lively patterns across the wall surfaces.

What’s your design idea?

There are many design possibilities available with Webnet EVO. If you have a project you would like to bring to life, get in touch with us.

Bring New Structure to Architecture with Webnet EVO / Tensile Design and Construct

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