The Strength and Versatility of Tensile’s Webnet Mesh

Tensile webnet mesh is made from 316-grade stainless steel wire, making it extremely strong and durable. It’s also very versatile, having a fabric-like flexibility which can conform to any shape.

These qualities make our webnet mesh perfect for projects that require a discreet safety barrier that has minimal visual impact.

Tensile webnet mesh has been used in the Treehouse and Wulaba playground projects in Sydney. It also features in the rebuild of the Acute House in Albert Park, an inner suburb of Melbourne.

Innovative approach blends the old and the new

The Acute House won several awards for designers OOF! Architecture, including the architectural design category of the Victorian Premier’s Design Award 2016. It’s not hard to see why – the house is a rebuild of a rundown heritage cottage, situated on an extremely tight 48m2 triangular-shaped site.

The cottage was essentially a knock-down – far too dilapidated to renovate. Sections of it in fact were considered a potential public hazard. So instead of renovating, parts of the old home were carefully removed and used in the new build.

For example, some of the old cladding has been used on the skin of the new building, to help keep the character of the original in view to the street. Other original elements such as old door knobs and street numbers were salvaged and repurposed into the new building.

The result is an innovative wedge-shaped multi-split-level home that makes effective use of every square centimetre of space. The finished home has 140m2 of living space, with concealed rooms, little in the way of doors and corridors, and staircases that bring in light throughout.

Webnet mesh combines safety and transparency

Tensile’s brief was to install webnet mesh throughout the interior, notably around the staircases and the balcony and windows.

For example, mesh was installed at the apex end of the building, allowing the occupants to comfortably and safely lean against it while relaxing on bench seating.

The mesh offers fall protection that complies with safety regulations, while providing a delicate appearance and a transparency that still allows plenty of light into the house. It also blends well with the salvaged elements of the old building and the newer metal cladding.

If you have a project like the Acute House that requires an aesthetic yet practical safety barrier, webnet mesh can be the ideal solution. Get in contact with our team to find out more.

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